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Types of Psychic Abilities:
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Most of us have heard about stories of people who have psychic abilities but what most of us do not know is that there are different types of psychic abilities. When we talk about psychic abilities, most of us think about clairvoyant readings and psychic readings. What most of us do not anticipate is that there are different types of psychic abilities and these types of physic abilities vary from person to person. To give you an idea of some of the most common types of psychic abilities, read on.


Animal Telepathy 


Have you ever wondered why there are so many people who can easily communicate with animals? Some people have ways with animals and some people have animal telepathy. Yes, there are people whom you might call pet psychics. We may not see many of these people who possess this type of psychic ability but they do exist. No, these people may not have the ability to control or influence the actions of animals around them but they can understand what these animals want. A lot of animal lovers around the world may possess this type of psychic ability without even knowing it.


Astral Projection 


Astral projection is one of the most controversial types of psychic abilities. A lot of people are not convinced that some people have the ability to dissociate their souls from their physical bodies and then travel in spirit to other places. Some people who have near death experience are said to have this type of ability. It is not really clear how they acquire this type of psychic ability though and if their accounts of their astral travels are real and not just some sort of hallucinations. At any rate, if you are a believer, you might find it interesting to learn that despite all the cynicism about this type of psychic ability, time and again; some people do demonstrate the ability to do astral travel.




Precognition or the ability to tell the future is something that is often discussed and debated by experts all over the world. Does anyone really know the future for certain? We don’t know for sure. A lot of people claim to have the ability to tell the future these days. Some of these people may have the ability to make good predictions but most of them are just taking us for a ride. If somebody claims that he or she knows exactly what will happen to you in the near future, do not trust that person immediately.




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