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Shadow People Theories

Shadow People Theories.
Jeffry R. Palmer

Theories surrounding the nature and origin of shadow people abound. Some believe that they are interdimensional beings which exist in a parallel universe to our own. Others hold to the notion of demonic forces an explanation for these strange experiences. Still others feel that they are thought forms created by the living and manifested as shadow figures.

I am especially interested in the subconscious aspect of these experiences. I wonder if these experiences may be an attempt by the subconscious mind to convey a message to our conscious selves, if so, what is the content of that message? The shadow has long been associated with the mysterious aspect of the subconscious mind, an archetype of a hidden and secretive area of human existence. I believe that these experiences are truly trying to tell us something important about ourselves, our environment and the times we live in. It is interesting to note that shadow people experiences as described in the pages of this web site are a largely recent human experience. Perhaps there is a connection to sociological or psychological changes in society which are occurring at present or have which have occured in recent history.

In Jungian Psychology the archetype of the shadow deals with primal survival instincts. The shadow self derives from our pre-human, animal past, when our most important concerns were limited to survival and reproduction. It is the dark side of the ego, the evil that all men are capable of is under the right circumstances is stored there. Perhaps it wrong to use such a loaded word as evil, the shadow is amoral, neither good nor bad, just like animals. An animal is capable of tender care for its young and vicious killing for food and defense, but it doesn't consciuosly choose to do either. It reacts on instinct. just as human beings once did. But from our so called civilized perspective, the animal world seems rather bruta..The shadow, is the dark side of the person, characterized by inferior, uncivilized or animal qualities which the human ego wishes to hide from others.

When I have questioned witnesses about their encounters with shadow people. I have discoverd that many, if not most of these people were under a good deal of stress when the phenomena occured. Sleep patterns were also disturbed as a result of stress, many shadow people witnesses have reported suffering from insomnia at the time of the shadow experience.


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