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Shadow People Stories (Part Two)

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About 17 years ago I lived in an apartment where I saw shadowy, dark, cloud like figures. I saw them in my bed room after I went to bed mostly so I thought I was imagining these things. There were 4 or 5 of them and they came and went through the walls. I was dating a guy and we had come to my place after dinner. We were down stairs and I saw one of the "things" come through the wall beside the front door. I just watched it but not looking right at it and it went out of the room through an outside wall. My boyfriend said what the hell was that? I told him I didn't know, that I saw them in the apartment all the time and I thought I was the only one that could see them. He was freaked. He called his mom right then and told her about it. She told him to say something like if you are not of God leave here now. I moved out of the apartment shortly after that.
- T Maxwell.

It looks like i'm not crazy after all. I have encountered shadow people whe I was very young, possibly at the age of 9. I contracted the flu and had a very high fever. I went into the kitchen to cool myself off with water and when I turned my head right to face the dining room I seen around 7 to 11 shadow people moving around the table counterclockwise at a fast pace. Their appearance is still clear to me. Tall, thin, no feet or facial features, all black, and to say the least having long top hats. I was then rushed to the hospital for treatment then brought back home. Years later I told my younger brother about my experience and to my suprise, he seen the same thing when he almost died from a fever at the age of 6. I remember the incident but never asked him. The beings were at the living room. This is no joke. Those things are real and are not up to no good. Terrifying as hell.

You asked for comments from people that have seen shadow people. Well I see them in my hallway at night. I have experienced other spirits and they don't bother me. I can usually sense their intentions and if they are just playful or something to stay away from, but these shadow people are different. I don't get a spirit feel from them. The only way that I can describe it is a more demonic feel. I feel that they are not and never have been living. When I see them they are walking up and down my hallway. I too get the feeling of overwhelming saddness, but of a more spiritual sense. I don't feel like they want to harm me physically. It's more of a spiritual or mental affect. Sorry it is really hard for me to really describe so that you can understand. I have been looking for information on these guys(you feel that they are a dominate male energy) but noone really knows anything. I was reciently told by a friend that some people that have seen them report glowing red eyes. That really scared me because we have lived in this house for 3 years now and my children have told me that they don't want to sleep in their rooms because they see glowing eyes watching them. My 4 yr old won't sleep in his room because of it. I have never seen their eyes because they are usually walking away when I see them so I never put two and two together. I honestly thought my mind was playing tricks on me for a while. Now I know that I am not the only one here that sees them as I have never told my children what I see. If anyone has any answers or knows what they want or how to get rid of them I would love to hear it. My kids have a really hard time with this and the people seem to go into their rooms and bother them and just watch me.
- Chameice

My name is Damian I'm 22 and well I have been trying to understand Shadow people since I was a boy because when I was about 5 I started seeing a Shadow Man and he had a hat on his head like that of Tombtone the movie and he was all black he was standing in the front yard right in front of me. He had put his hand out to me as if gesturing me to grab it. I still see him to this day. I also see like small Shadow Creautres but they dispurse whenever the Man returns. He's never hurt me before. Damian Hi my boyfriend told me about an experience he had a few years ago where he woke in the middle of the night and couldnt breath and he saw the shadow of a lady sitting on his chest he said trying to smother him is this shadow people or what is this he has told me that things like this have occured to him often but not for awhile now, my sister also told me of an experience she had where she was lying in bed and she felt a presence very strong and moving toward her she was scared and just said im not ready for this and it backed away she didnt see anythig just felt it could.
- Damian

I used to live on a very quiet cul-de-sac street. I had a classic car that took awhile for the engine to warm up. In front of my car was a white storage shed. I was looking out the windshield, and suddenly a shadowy figure of a male appeared. It walked across the wall of the storage shed, from the left to the right. Instinctively, I jerked around too see who was behind me (I already knew nobody was infront of my car). Nobody was there. I jerked back around, and I saw the shadow reach the end of the storage shed.

Then it was GONE into the darkness. I saw it with my own two eyes. For the record, the driveway was long. If someone had walked by in the street, their shadow could not have projected onto the shed wall.

That was my only experience at that house. But, I avoided night time driving until I moved. I was scared to death to see another shadow being.

... and here's another story ...

I had another odd/unexplainable incident where I was sitting in my car with a friend in a parking lot. The whole incident probably lasted a total of two minutes. A lady was parked infront of me. She was putting her infant into the baby seat in the back, and there was a male wearing an old fashioned hat sitting in the passenger seat. I don't remember what made me want to be observant about this particular person. I also dont remember seeing any facial details. I do remember thinking that he was looking toward me. Yet, i dont remember making eye contact. So, eventually she got into the drivers seat, we both pulled out of our parking spaces and she reached the stop sign (to pull onto the street) a few seconds ahead of me. I suddenly realized that there was no one in the passenger seat with her. The man could not have gotten out of the car without being noticed. The parking lot is completely open. I asked my friend if she had noticed the male passenger- and she said she had. She even mentioned the hat. But oddly enough, we both couldn't describe any facial features or his appearance. I've never been quite sure what I saw, but it was very strange. I wanted to chase down the lady and tell her what I saw, but she probably would have questioned my sanity.
- Erika

The Man in Black...

About ten years ago, I was coming home from work, around 3 or 4 am. I owned a janitorial business, and followed the same route five nights a week.

I was very tired, and believe I was half asleep at the wheel, when all of a sudden, and man dressed totally in black stepped from between two cars on the side of the road.

He wore a black cowboy hat, a long black duster, black pants and shoes. He had no face.

If he hadn't stepped from between the two cars and startled me, I would have rammed into the cars.

This shadow man, with no face, saved my car and possibly my life...or at least saved me from harms way.

When I looked back, there was no one there. This spooked me, yet kept me alert enough to get home safely five minutes later. I'll always remember this!

My second Story of Shadow People -- Less than a year after seeing the man in black (see above story), I moved to a place called Hangman Valley, in Spokane, Washington. Legend has it that Native Americans and possibly Negroes were hanged in this valled.

I lived on 16th Street, and if I turned my head, I could see a large totem pole about 300 yards from my porch.

Every night, I would sit out on the porch for a smoke, and it got quite dark. We'd disabled the streetlight, upon learning we paid about 19$ a month that we could barely afford.

I was no longer working, as I had a baby prematurely.

Quite often, I would get a strange feeling, almost like fear. Then I would see shadows darting across the yard, just out of the corner of my eyes.

Not once did I actually see one dead on, but there were thousands of them, trekking across my side lawn.

When my eyes lit upon on, he would sprint faster, and be gone.

They would travel across the yard in groups of three or four.

My husband, who is Native American, and had no clue of the little valleys history, called them shadow people. He said they meant no harm.

I do know that my family had lived directly across the street some 65 years previously. Perhaps these shadow people were related in some fashion..who knows?

I saw them often, and after a while, was almost comforted by their prescense.
- Shawn

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