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Shadow People Stories (Part Three)

One of the most popular topics on the psychic detective site deals with the subject of shadow people. Following are some of the comments and observations submitted by viewers of the site on this intriguing topic.

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Scary Black Figure Story

I lived in a really small home in a small town and figured there's not a chance I would see anything strange in that home. I was in 8th grade at the time and went to a really small school. My parents had moved me again and I was hoping for a good peaceful home. I have seen things ever since I was a little girl. I would convince myself that what I see isn't real but it was very hard when the spirits I saw looked like an ordinary person that is alive. Anyway, this is not my first time I've seen something but my first time that I saw something that had made me cry. I was sitting on the couch watching TV while my parents were out. The TV was next to the bathroom so I could see right into the bathroom from my chair. The bathroom door was opened at the time. For some reason I always felt freaked out in the bathroom but I thought I was just being paranoid. I looked over into the bathroom while watching TV only to see this big black figure. The figure was not walking, more like gliding across the floor slowly. It was a big black robe with a pointy hood. The robe looked like a monks robe. I couldn't see the feet because the robe was so long and was dragging on the floor. Fear shot through me like no other. I could see a face. All I could see was the hood and it was too dark to see the face. I was shocked with my mouth wide open after I watched this thing glide across our small bathroom floor and disappear. I was so scared a went and grabbed the phone. I was hiding under a blanket crying because I was frightened so much. My best friend didn't believe in ghosts so I didn't tell her what really happened. I just hid under the blanket crying and telling her I felt really scared. Whatever I saw I don't want to see again. This thing sent chills down my back and gave me the most dreadful feeling I have ever had in my life.
~ Ashlee D - USA 

Shadow at the Window

Two years ago (I was ten years old), I was at my grandparent's house, doing homework. I happened to glance over and saw the figure of a human fly past the window. Freaking terrifying.
~ Ariana

Shadow Girl

The shadow I see can be a peeking one and one that stands there its not scary but the shadow girl wants to have a relationship with me she's always sitting by me and she follows me everywhere. She likes the same things I do and I feel she's by me right now when I tell my parents about her they act really weird everyone at my house is usually gone so she keeps me company. The weird thing is everyone says they are evil but this one is just nice and kind she feels like a girlfriend and I have no idea what she can do and she dosent look dead she looks more beautiful than any girl I have ever dated, not like I have a love relationship with the ghost but its like having your best friend beside you everyday.
~ Casey

The Blackman Shadow

I personally have not been subject to a sighting of shadow people, my younger sister and my boyfriend have. I have to say that they are both the biggest skeptics of anything spiritually.

The first time I became aware of an existence if such shadow beings was when me and my boyfriend were visiting my mum for the weekend as we were to baby-sit my younger brothers.  

It was quite late at night when I managed to settle them down and as I was cuddling into the youngest I began to drift of when my boyfriend barged into the room and told me to get up... I was pretty naggy cause I was sleeping and didn’t understand why he wanted my to go downstairs but he was determined , I noticed that he was a bit panicky so I got up and went downstairs with him I asked him what was wrong and he was quite for a min he then told me that when he was in the kitchen washing up the dishes he saw a black shadow walking past the kitchen first I was like well how would you c it if it was outside as its dark but it turned out it was a reflection and that the shadow had walked behind him in the kitchen, he then said that because he was freaked out about it he went to come up the stairs to tell me he then seen some sort of shadow on the stairs. He was definitely shaken by it. 

I'm very interested in things like this so I took him seriously he didn’t want to tell me what he had seen just in case I thought he was nuts. 

When my sister came home from being out I had to share the experience with her I had only began in saying that been had seen something in the kitchen when she finished it for me by saying was it the "black man" 

This is what she calls the shadow. She confessed that she frequently catches the black man in car windows when she is walking home at night from friends, in the corner of the room she says that he visits her when she is very down my sister suffers from depression and she says when she is really low that is when the Blackman visits she goes through spells when she wont see him for a while then she will see him nearly every day. She says he doesn’t really freak her out but I definitely got an uneasy feeling about it and so did been. I wonder how you would make such things end!
 ~ Kayleigh Forbes

Shadow Story

I've worked at my job for 2 years now and started working the night shift. I noticed strange things around the call center but never put too much into it. When I moved to the late night shift I started hearing stories from other co-workers. I thought it was interesting but didn’t get scared. I like that sort of thing. Later, I started seeing dark shadows periodically here and there. It amused me and I would blow it off. After a while it started happening more and more. I would be sitting at my desk at night working and catch a quick flash of a black shadow gliding down the aisles. I would only see the top part (head & shoulders, about 5'5) it was always peripheral vision or out of the corner of my eye and when I'd look, it was gone. I felt like it was female and curious and probably even liked me. Another time I was sitting at a different desk since my computer went out and noticed a shadow around the corner peeping at me in curiosity. When I'd look, it was gone. When I started working again, I'd notice it out of the corner of my eye. It wasn’t threatening or scary it just seemed playful or curious and wanted to get my attention? It freaked me out and I tried to ignore it but it kept on. Suddenly a black round blob shot out quickly down the isle I was sitting at! It was probably a foot off the floor and bolted past me. It startled me and I tried to pretend like I didn’t notice. I find it all fascinating but there’s only so much I can take. There have been times I feel like she’s trying to talk to me also? More stories to come....
~ Michelle, USA

I have had two experiences of shadow people. These enconters caused great alarm and were over very quickly. The first time the two shadows peered curiously down at me and then disappeared. The second arrived through the window and entered into the dog sleeping at the end of the bed causing her to wet herself before hovering above me and then disappearing out the door at great speed. Both times they showed no sign of trying to communicate and had a busy energy to them that seemed intently curious and strong. I felt extremely afraid even though I did not sense evil my whole being did not want them near me. They seemed devoid of feeling and no connection could be sensed to our world on any level.
~ Isabelle

Shadow Man at my Boyfriend's house

It’s happened a few times, when I drive up to my boyfriend’s house at night, I've seen a tall black figure peeking out at me from behind his neighbor’s mail box. I thought nothing of it until one night when I was leaving his house, I saw the shadow man standing in his kitchen. I also had a really strange case of sleep paralysis one night while staying at his house. I remember being awakened by the sound of the fan in his room, and when I opened my eyes I was laying on my side, with my head to the foot of the bed. When I looked up my hand was above my head in a black dog’s mouth, but the dog looked really scary. Its head was upside down and its eyes where yellow, they also looked like they where melting down its face. I tried to scream and roll over, but I couldn’t move. Finally I rolled over, but I was too scared to look the other way the whole night. I've never before or after had sleep paralysis. 

I first started seeing shadow people when I was a small child. I can remember was when I was 6 years old. I never told anyone not even my parents because of fear they would place me in some kind of mental hospital. I would see them all the time during the day and at night peaking through door ways all the time. They always where pitch black different in height and I would some times see one or three peeking in through the doorway. I was always terified that one day I would be asleep at night and all the sudden I would see one starring back at me infront of  my face. As I grew older I still saw them but I got used to them they wouldn't bother me. I stopped seeing them for about a year now maybe Ive been obliviouse to them by now. But recently i saw another one and to my surprise my 3 year old son stopped my husband and told him to be careful of the ghost and pointed exactly where I saw the shadow of a tall man peeking through the doorway. Also this time i saw the shadow for a longer period of time than I have in the past. when I was a child I would see them like a blurr but I could see them in the corner of my eye. I don't know exactly what they are or what their purpose might be but I believe that they are harmless.  
~ Almendra

Shadowman in a Kindergarten

Hello, I found your site in the Internet. I'm from Germany, and I want to tell you about my horrible experience last year.

It was the 11. of November, in the morning , it was full-moon.

I am the leader of a kindergarten. (director of a kindergarten?) My duty
began at 7.00 o'clock. I arrived at maybe 10 minutes to seven.
As I opened the door, I felt uncomfortable, so I closed the door, so if
someone wanted to come into the kindergarten had to ring the bell. Then  I
started my job, and layed the tables. You have to know: We have two groups, this means: Two rooms. If you want to go into another room , you have to  go through the hall.

I just layed the table  in one room and wanted to take some plates out of
the kitchen. I just was entering the hall, when I saw this shadow thing,
walking from left to the right through the hall, looking at me. It was about
3m far away from me!

I heard no noise, it looked like it was walking but I think it was floating
through the hall... its difficult to explain...

It was a male- figure- a black outline- it was a bit like a big Oscar- Figure
in black. You know what I mean? Like a man in a Superman- Costume, totally
black- without any face - but  I knew it looked to me, without any face, it
was just the posture of the head...

I was standing in front of this creature , watching it, could'nt believe it,
an I felt a fear, I never felt before. My hair stood on end (and this is not
a phrase, and I watched this figure about 3 to 4 seconds. Then it
dissapeared behind a wall - after this figure was away, I started to run
after it- but it wasn't there. But there was no way out. There was a door-
it was closed.

... and I'm very scared it it will happen to me again! Since then, I am very happy, to see, that this is an experience of many people and I'm not going to be crazy.

So this is, why I want to tell my story, so other people will loose their
~ Petra







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