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Shadow People Stories (one)

One of the most popular topics on the psychic detective site deals with the subject of shadow people. Following are some of the comments and observations submited by viewers of the site on this intriguing topic.

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Hi, I recantly (last night, actually) had a dream about shadow people. They kept peering at me from around doorways, and running past me. I don't know what it means, but it was very scary. When I woke up, pure paranoia. I did not like it at all. What does all that mean?
- Ralph

My first Shadow Person...

I was leaving my chu (another word for room) to take a shower. It was a little before 11pm. I turned the corner and smack in front of me I saw this pitch black mass in the shape of a person come out of the side wall of the concrete bunker move towards my right and pass behind another row of chus. It was free floating and had no bottom legs. It's height was about six feet tall and was three dimensional. It ran across an open area that was 12 feet wide in less then a ¼ second. It made no sound and had no facial features, neck, arms, or legs. The moon was not up for another 30 minutes. I immediately looked behind me thinking that someone had walked behind me but there was no one there.
- Rick

I saw something about 5 years ago:It was around 10pm and I was coming out from the subway and into a "driveway" of a community centre parking lot. There was moderate light and I was with my friend. We had come back from shopping and I was talking about makeup or clothes and then I saw these two "people" that were kind of block-shaped. They were solid black and kinda jogged past me about 40 feet ahead. I was still rambling on and on about clothes until I realized they dissappeared before they hit the grassy area. I hadn't even blinked and both figures just vanished. I stopped talking and kept starring at where they were and I stopped walking. My friend immediately knew I saw something weird and told me to "stop it" because she's scared of "creepy" things. It wasn't really scary but I was confused. The shadows were not against flat surfaces such as walls but I realized shortly after they almost appeared to come out of the wall. They were standing upright and 3-D (according to my eyes) - which made it seem like they had substance. I knew it wasn't coming off a reflection or anything because there were no cars passing by there and the other side of the driveway were traintracks that were dark. They appeared right before my eyes, in front of me and dissappeared a few moments later before I could even blink. I'm not a paranormal or supernatural type of person, I'm not religious and I am scientifically-oriented, so I'm not too freaked out about "evil" entities as I don't believe in them and somehow rationalize it to some phenomena of the brain. But I can't really explain what I saw. I came across the term "shadow people" long after I saw them. It appears most people see them from the corner of their eyes so I'm not sure if what I saw really fits into the category of "shadow people".

Hi. Thanks for a wonderful website. just visited it today. Read the articles about shadow people. I have also encountered this about 2 months ago, although i did not know what it was at the time. I was at work attending to out-patients. a mother with her baby entered. we greeted and she took a seat. while i finished with the file of the previous patient, i looked up (i was drawn/prompted to look up by an invisible force) and saw this dark,black figure enter the room. it was male, skinny and walked with a slight stoop. i could not see any details of a person - just total black, but i could make out the legs and arms as they were swinging while it walked. it followed the path of the patient and sat directly behind this woman! it was so close to her, it almost touched her! i kept staring, and it made eye contact with me. i did not see any eyes, but felt he intensity of it. i immediately looked away. it felt eerie, but i was definitely not scared. when i looked back, it was gone. i remained calm afterwards as if nothing had happened. what i remember afterwards was that this woman also saw it, as if she expected it or knew it. i will never forget what i saw. can you please e-mail me back and give me your opinion about this incident. ps: i am not psychic and dont see ghosts or any apparitions. this incident has bothered me a lot. i live in South Afica. my work is in a rural setting where a lot of black people practise muti or black magic as you know it. i was brought up in christianity and have never experienced or believed in muti. please respond many thanks
- Winnifred

I have seen many shadow peole in my home. Dark figures, like people standing together in groups. They are not threatening but sure scare me terribly. I have seen ghosts in my home. One very vivid and the others faint. The one lady ghost was in a night dress with long dark hair standing and leaning down talking but I couldn't hear her works. I was so scared I stared in shock until she disapeared. My home was built in 1920's and I have researched the home and there have been no strange happenings reported. This is not my only experiences with paranormal. I have had an Alien acounter as well in St. Catharines Ontario 10 years ago that to this day has terrified me and I do not talk about this to anyone in fear that they might think I'm crazey but I clearly remember everything about it. I have had psychic abbilities and dreams. They have not happened in years now. I have looked online for people who have had simular experiences but none are just like mine (descriptions). What I read about shadow people on this site is close but the things I saw where shadows of people like beings standing in groups and some where very dark. Like true shadows only standing upright all around the room. I have seen flashing of dark figures as well.

I Know They Exist! And When I Read Everything You Said About Them I Got Chills! Thank God WE Finally Know What They Were! {Hope You Agree Too!} My Husband, Daughter, And I Lived In A House In Peoria Illinois For Only One -Two Years Until We Couldn't Take It! My Husband And I Were In The Front Room {Which Was Way From Where The Bathroom Was} Anyway, My Daughter Was About 7-8 Years Old And Was In The Bathtub {Which FYI Was A Huge Claw Footed Tub} Well My Husband And I Heard Brittnee Scream And Run Out To Us And Say "Did YOu Call My Name"? Of Course We Said No She Said She WEnt Under Water And Heard Someone's Voice Say Her Name In Her Ear! Then I Was In The Front Room And My Husband Was In The Bathtub Another Time I Heard Splashing Around So I WEnt To See What Was Up, He Was Pale, And Holding Onto The Tub Sides For Dear Life, And His Eyes Were As Big As Saucers! He Said He Was Laying There And First He Saw These "Black Forms" {he called them} And They Kept Peeking Around The Corner At Him, He Has Dealt With Spiritual "Beings"j Before So He Just Ignored Them And Closed His Eyes, Then All Of A Sudden He Felt A Hand On Top Of His Head And It Pushed Him Under The Water For A Few Scary SEconds! When You Mentioned Mirrors, I Would Be Curling My Hair And Would See A Dark Movement In The Mirror When I Would Look Away From The Mirror They WEren't There! Now I Am Wondering Though, My Husband And I Felt They WEre Kids Or Small Adults Can That Be? Also The Duration We Stayed In The HOuse We Fought A Lot And Had So Much Bad Luck In Our Lives It Wasn't Funny! We Had Only 2 People Who Visited {My IN-Laws} And My Mom In Law Said She Would Never Come Back, Because The House Gave Her The Creeps And Made Her Feel Oppressed, She Told Us She Couldn't Stay Any Longer! Can These Shadows Make People Feel These Negative Emotions Or Zap Energy? Eventually I "Cleansed The House" And It Slowed Down A Lot But Eventually We Moved Out And I Felt Tremendous Relief When WE Left!!!!
- A.

i am truly interested in developing a psychic defense. i have seen "shadows" all my life, however they arent always around. i am interested in finding out who red rita is. she has been with me for almost ten years. i pray and i have needed to use prayer as a defense more than four times in my life, since i was a child. i am afraid of the dark even during the day now. i sleep with lights on, not nite lights. i see future events in my own life and probably the lives of others. i have had one urgent message dream, but no one to tell it to. I have been recently requested by red rita to seek someone out to help me and her. No red rita is not me, no i am not insane. i sense spirits, and they have tried to "talk" to me. i never see them. i truly just need someone to help me. i truly don't want any attention brought to this and am not seeking money or fame. i would like to be famous, but not for this, certainly not for this. please if someone would just quietly help me. i would be forever grateful.
- Stefanie

This is about one of your articles. The shadow people. You written that if anyone had ever experienced anything like it to share. Well I hope this is appropriate with the article to share with you. I've only shared this with my family and now you. I am not sure if my experience could be construed as with a shadow person or not but so far the article on your site has had the most explanation I’ve read so far.Here goes nothing.The first time was about nine years ago. At the time of occurrence I lived in an old school building with my husband and our three children. My mother and siblings lived at the East end while my husband and I along with our three children at the time lived in the West wing. Our kitchen and living was open.

The bedrooms were off to the side, the only entrance from the living room was through an opening in the wall, and otherwise you’d have to go through the hallway. There was no door between the living room and bedrooms it was completely open at that time. With the bedroom lights off were off it looked like a dark void. This particular night, my two girls were visiting with their grandmother at the East wing, my husband at work. I sat on the sofa nursing my son. I liked the quiet so I had nothing but soft lullaby music playing for his comfort and ease into sleep. There was a sudden disquiet as one may often feel when alone in such a large building. I caught movement from the TV screen across the room, which was not on and sat directly in front of me. So I watched the blank dark screen for a minute and saw a tall black figure walk past and from his stance I could see he was also looking into the TV screen. Quickly I turned my head to look into the kitchen behind me. Nothing. I glanced down at my now sleeping son and contemplated how far it was from where I sat to the door. I had every intention of running.

I looked back to the screen and watched as the figure moved slowly from one side of the room to the other, again. After gathering up my son, I prepared to fle it was then I happened to glance at the screen, again. This time the shadow stood directly behind me, hands resting on the sofa and staring directly face forward into the black blank TV screen. I froze momentarily then slowly turned to stare at, nothing. I ran. The next occurrence happened once again at night. My husband, my brother and I had just finished playing monopoly. Both my brother and me were beaten badly by my husband, the monopoly champ. Can’t say he didn’t warn us. The men went outside to smoke a cig and chat while I volunteered to put away the game. It was a few minutes after they left that I had caught movement out from the corner of my eye. Turning I saw nothing.

It happened a couple more times the last being when I saw it enter the bedroom area. OK, fine, I was fed up so I called out loudly, “I know your there so stop playing games.” I caught movement and with out turning my head I watched as a shadow stood just inside the doorway. I ignored it and continued with putting away the monopoly game. I noted it was tall and slender with the build of a man. Quickly I turned and faced where it stood. It had its arms crossed leaning against the doorjamb, legs crossed at the ankles. It seemed to visibly start and then slowly move back into the shadows. This time I felt no fear of it only a bit of frustration. It’s presence felt very male and non-threatening. I went back to the task of putting away the game. Later I told my mother of what I saw. We moved later but not because of the shadow. We wanted to be closer to town when our children started school and to also have a place of our own.

The Last time I saw something was about six months ago. I awoke with the feeling I of paralysis. Sleeping flat of my back, I couldn’t move. I had the feeling of a slight pressure at the front of my neck between my collarbones directly over my pulse. I swallowed and felt the pressure deepen. Opening my eyes I stared up at the ceiling thinking that I needed my husband to awake and help me. The pressure deepened more. I tried to swallow but could not. I tried to move my hands and could not. I tried to move my head; anything but there was no use. I could not move. I could barely breath. The pressure of what felt like someone’s thumb continued to increase pressing into my pulse. I thought if only I could swallow, if only I could take a breath then I could call out for help. At the time I could not comprehend what was happening. Still today I don’t quite understand what happened.

Tried to move my head and concentrated with all I could until finally I was ably to turn it to my right and then stared into huge cat like eyes that was the color of an orange blaze, almost unreal. The eyes widened as if in shock, their dark pupils enlarged and I felt the pressure on my pulse point lessen. I straightened my head quickly and swallowed, took a deep breath a screamed. I caught movement and watched it run from my room. It had to duck its head as it ran out the door. It was silent, without a sound. Not once did it run into or trip over anything in its path, which would have been a fan, a desk, a chair, and the bed itself. I sat up in bed and screamed for someone to go after it pointing directly at it as it fled. Then there was silence. No one stirred except for our dog and it was momentarily.

Everything was as if it had never happened. I listened for a sound, any, but there was not one. Terrified I laid awake, for how long I don’t know, just staring at the place where it was crouched next to my bed. Unsure of what happened I was afraid to move my eyes from that spot. Was it a dream where I was awake yet still caught in the haze of sleep in itself? Or was it real? I don’t know and cannot answer but it felt real just the same. It was Tall, slender and seemed to be male. It was unlike the shadow before. Where the first and second shadow had more of a build to it this one was more slender, tall, but slimmer. The first shadow freaked me out and I did not stop to feel, I only fled. The second had the feeling of protectiveness and curiosity mixed with a slight hint of amusement. The third just flat out freaked the hell out of me. But was it real? I feel crazy even contemplating the idea. I filed it as another mystery of my life, just one more among many yet to be explained.


My experience stays with me as clear as day. I was in bed with my partner when I awoke to a shadow being standing over the bed. I could not move but was fully awake to see him. He was black, tall, menecing, with red eyes and a large pointy hat. He made me feel fearful of him. This creature was just observing us in bed. But what was extremly weird was that my parnter was asleep but laughing at it. He woke up having a dream he was laughing like he was being tickled. A totally different feeling that the creature placed on me. Mine was fearful of my life if I moved. At the time I felt like it was a demon!!! But why me? I've only had the one account and that was a couple of years ago now.
- Kathy

On one particular evening I had just turned off the my night stand lamp. As I turned over to get comfortable a black figure stood over my bed facing me I felt it as a male don't know why stood over my bed looking down at me. He was dark black the light from the outside of my bedroom allowed me to see him clearer. He wore a hood over his head and he looked like a monk. Though I could not see his facial features or his hands as he bend over me I just flung my hands in an agressive motion to hit what would have been his face. I did not feel fear or any feelings of doom just an aggressive out burst towards it. It immediately disappeared. I have never had an other encounter again.
- J, USA

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