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Shadow People Stories (Part Four)

One of the most popular topics on the psychic detective site deals with the subject of shadow people. Following are some of the comments and observations submitted by viewers of the site on this intriguing topic.

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Shadow people

I live in So California in a not so old or haunted place, I have lived back east and lived with ghosts but never saw shadow people before living in this home. I live with my parents and husband and we have all seen them and all in MY bedroom! My most terrifing experience was in my room and I had a candle lit beside me and I saw a dark figure just standing at the end of my bed, I said hello, like it was friendly or something and it vanished then I walked out to tell my husband and when I couldn't find him went back to my room and I said oh there you are and it wasn't my husband but the shadow person again and it appeared as if he turned away from me and then vanished. I still see them in there from time to time but I figure if I don't threaten them they won't hurt me. There is a definate pressence in my room but I don't not feel as if it is evil.

~ Jessica

Shadow In the Mirror

Well I never actually saw any shadow beings until last year, after my father passed away. Since a year ago both my mother and I have witnessed a shadow like being 4 times each.

Usually we see a VERY dark silloutte in a hallway mirror. It just stands
there, looking back at us. By the time either of us looks away, it

2 days ago, I saw this shadow run down our hallway (same place where the
mirror happens to be) It seemed to be darting from one room to another. To
my shock, later that day my mother had apparently saw something similar,
about 20 minutes before my sighting.

~ Melody


When I was younger, maybe 8 or 9, don't exactly remember what
age, I woke one night to a black shadow figure coming from out of my wall
which was about 2-3 feet from the foot of my bed. It was only the top half
of a torso, with arms that where motioning, like to come to it. I jumped out
of bed and ran past it to my parents bedroom. My dad was gone, so I crawled
into bed with my mom extremely terrified. I managed to fall asleep. I had a
cat at the time that always slept with me. I woke to a full formed black
shadow person petting my cat; I remember my cat tilting her head while being
pet, as if she were enjoying it. I was so scared; all I could do was close
my eyes tight and will myself back to sleep. I never saw the images again.
My cat always intensely stared at the sealing, as if she were watching
something, which continued until she died.

~ Sara

Shadow Man

I have not thought about the experiences I had with a "shadow
person" for many years, but my husband and I watched a movie yesterday that brought back the memories. Over a five-year period, from 1986-1991, I saw what I believe to be the same shadow person at least three times. The first time was shortly after I moved to Athens, Greece. My friend and I shared a small apartment, and one night a friend slept in my bed and so I went to
sleep on the couch. I was awakened by what sounded like a plastic cup
falling to the floor in our tiny kitchen just outside of the livingroom. I
awoke and lifted my head to see who was in the kitchen, and I saw a tall,
thin shadow of a man standing at the foot of the couch. He had spiky hair. I
just stared at him, paralyzed, and he slowly reached down to touch my toe. I
tried to scream but couldn't, and he sort of faded away. Much later, in
1991, I moved back to the US and was living in Massachussetts. I was
dog-sitting for a month at a professor's house. One night, the dog woke me
up, and as I began to sit up in bed, I saw the same shadowy man leaning in
the doorway. He stood there for a few seconds, then faded away again. A few
months later, I was in my own apartment, and woke up when I heard a noise in
my room. I started to look up and saw the same man, but I took him to be my
boyfriend, who was staying the night. I asked him why he was standing at the
foot of the bed; before I could register that he was not responding, I felt
my boyfriend roll over in bed and realized he was still lying next to me. At
that moment, the figure faded away. I have not seen him since. He was never
threatening or intimidating: what scared me everytime was the realization
that I was being watched: I'd feel the same fear had it been a real human
being. I hope that I never see him again, not because I felt threatened but
because his presence in my life is not otherwise part of the natural world.
I cannot explain it better than that.

~ E, USA

My experience of the shadow man 

The incident occured around this time last year, in the early hours of the morning . I was in bed asleep next to my boyfriend when I suddenly woke up, I was paralysed and had the overwhelming feeling of fear. I was lying on my back when i saw the figure. It felt like pure evil and had the aura of a male. He was wearing what looked like a long duster jacket with the collar turned up, a old fashioned fedora style hat with wild bushy hair flowing from under it. The whole figure was like solid black and he was standing sideways at the end of the bed facing me. Then he dissapeared and I felt like something was trying to crawl up my legs, as if it was trying to get to my face. I managed to move my hand a little and I touched it, it was hands with really long fingers and nails. It was like it was trying to claw its way up to me. At this point I tried with all my might to move and managed to lightly tap my bf on the back. He turned round and looked at me for a second then turned back. A few seconds later I was no
longer paralysed and quickly woke my bf up. I screamed at him that something
was crawling up my legs, he lifted the covers and it stopped. I was

After this when I was talking about it with my bf he said when he lifted the
covers he caught a glimpse of a hand at my ankle then it dissappeared of the
end of the bed.

I never slept in my bedroom again, I ended up sleeping in the living room.
I moved out of that house 5 months later.

~ Kelly

Never heard of shadow people before

I have never heard of the shadow people term before. Some of what I have read is familiar.

I have had a continuous serial dream my entire life until the summer of
2004. These dreams always pick up more or less from the previous one and
always have a female in what I know is a completely black military uniform
with a black hat. The hat is like you would see on a cop or some formal
military uniform.

She is always behind me where I can just barely see her. I have been able to
see she has a face but it is hidden by the hat. She is always standing at
attention and watching. She talked to me one time maybe in 1999. It was the
only time I tried to talk to her and she answered in a female voice.

I have not had an entry to the serial dream since 2004. In this dream, she
was not there and I was trying to see where she was and could not find her.
Unfortunately, this was not only the last dream but the world ended in
nuclear explosions.

I have tried to find out but I have not been able to find anyone else with
serial dreams. This had gone on until summer of 2004 when I was 46.

~ Rey

Shadow in the corner of my room.

About a year ago-in 2008, it was really late around 2-3 am while sleeping, I remember instantly sitting up, openning my eyes and looking in the corner of my room behind where the TV stands. I saw a black shadow like figure just standing there it wasn't moving. I got so scared I had to put my covers back on and looked in the corner again and it wasn't there anymore.

~ Sara

Strange Things - shadow people

When I was 8 or 9 I saw a ghost of a man, I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and I was scared because all the lights were off so I got up to go and then as I sat up there was an old man ghost, I only saw his chest and up. He had one of those mustaches where they curl on the sides and he was wearing tan cloths, I think they were like a commander from an army clothes. I saw him for like 5 seconds and then I screamed and went back under the blankets and my mom came and he was gone. In the same house me and my brother were walking doing a basket of laundry at night. We lived in a trailer park and the laundry mat wasn't that far, on our way back by our trailer I saw a pure black figure it was blacker than the night, it was like peering from behind our little trailer thing, it had no features at all and it seemed like it was just staring at us, my heart started beating so fast I dropped the basket me and my brother were holding and ran for the front door and ran in leaving my brother, I was so scared I couldn't seem to speak, he came running in, I asked if he saw it and he said yes and described what I saw too. Another thing that happened once was we lived in another city and when I got off school I heard my moms voice call me to come in, and when I went in the house no one was there and it freaked the hell out of me, I ran across the street to my grandmas and stayed there until my mom got off work. In that same house my mom saw a boy in her room walk past the door and she thought it was my brother and when she went in there no one was there and then she got goosebumps and was shaking she was scared. Everything we experienced in that house happened in my mothers room, that's where I heard the voice calling me, that's where she saw the boy. Another thing that happened in that room was we were all sleeping in there because we had no electricity and we were scared and in the middle of the night, no I think it was early in the morning, I sat up and looked at my mom straight in the eye and said loudly "run!" My mom said where and then I said run again and went back to sleep. And my mom was like OK. At that time my grandma was having trouble breathing. I had no memory of me doing that at all - my mom asked me why did you say run last night and I was like I didn't do that. I don't remember my mom said a ghost got in my body to warn us or something.

~ Nikka

The Red Eyed tall shadow

When I was a child about 6 or 7 yrs old, our house was being extended so we all slept in one bedroom at that time. I would awake from my sleep uncomfortable and scared my vision always would fixate towards the door. My parents always left the door adjar whilst we slept so that they could hear us if anything happened.

I would awoke with dread and anxiety, this thing always peered at me through the gap at the door, it was very tall almost reaching the top of the door frame, I was fixated staring at it's glowing red eyes, I felt it was male and certainly evil but I did not want to show I was scared but I was paralysed. I would then wake up the next morning wondering if it were a dream or how did I fall asleep in such fear, being so paralysed - I could not shout out, speak out so my parents could hear me come to my rescue. I tried to pray I had to settle with thinking of the lord's prayer in my mind.

This happened for several nights, night after night it would wake me just by being there and I would stare at it till I awoke the next morning. My mom had friends over one day, and I decided to bring it up as this was the only way my mother would take notice, and I mentioned it to her friends and my brother and sisters listened as well.

That night it came again, and for some reason my sister instinctively woke up and could see I was staring at something behind her head where the door was (she slept at the bottom of the bed - shared with my brother), she asked me is it here? I nodded. She kicked my brother and he saw it as well at his disbelief he urged my sister to take a look at it it is behind you, she said no fucking way. Then they said lets pray, we struggled but eventually within a few minutes we were praying louder and louder. Our parents came to our room and asked what is going on, why are you kids singing so loud? We opened our eyes relieved to see our parents then the strangest thing was, when the thing with red yes was there it was pitch black close to midnight, when our parents came it was daylight? How is it possible that we prayed throughout the night or how night became day in a few minutes... That creature / thing never came back to visit me again.

My mom thinks it is an ancestor looking for his money and keeps visiting down each generation, but I don't believe a deceased relative could be so malevolent. I have been trying to figure out what this thing was? I believe this sighting is not common.

~ Christie






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