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Shadow People Stories (Part Five)

One of the most popular topics on the psychic detective site deals with the subject of shadow people. Following are some of the comments and observations submitted by viewers of the site on this intriguing topic.

-> Share your own psychic or shadow story HERE

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The amazement of these beings!

I have experienced shadow people since I was a kid. I have seen
them out of the corner of my eye, straight on, in college,when I have been
wide awake,and times when I have just woke up. I have also seen them in the
bright sun. They then are a gray color whith a white glisten. I have seen
the skinny black ones, that seem afraid and move at warp speed. I have seen
ones that were missing their legs. I even saw just a torso walk by. Some
scamper when seen. Some seem like they dont see you. I do not understand why I am not afraid When I see them. This wave of calm comes over me and I am in awe.I have also seen the 3ft ones that are blob like. Those come in pairs
and move quickly.If you are pregnant or live with someone pregnant pay
attention right after the child is born.They are every where! I even saw one
in my hospital room after my Daughter was born. They hang around for about a
week after birth then leave. I saw them the most around 4-6am in my hall
way. I do on rare occasion see these oval blobs that have ripple edges. They
float slowly and go into walls. Those give me dred. Something bad usually
happens within days of seeing those.I hope my input helps others who see
these beings. I personaly think they are harmless.

~ Krista

On a work course

I was working in London. So exciting with the hubbub of being
in the heart of the big city. I was sent on a software course in Ruislip,
London. We were sent to bedsits that were organised around the course. We
didn't have to pay a penny. The place that I stayed in was very nice. The
lady that owned the flat was really nice. I stayed in the larger bedroom the
first time. The second time I stayed in the box room. That is when it all

We had been out for the evening to the pizza hut. We were very tired when we got back and after a chat in the lounge went to bed. I was a bit peeved that I didn't get the same room as I had before but all I wanted to do was go to sleep. Around 3am I awoke to the feelng of being 'freezing cold'. I looked
over to the radiator. I don't know why. When I breathed, I could see my
breath. Then I saw a figure. She was suddenly standing before me. She was in
front of the radiator. I saw her dress. She had a black dress on. It was
fitted to the waist, with fitted arms. It flared out from the waist to the
floor. She had a white pinafore attached to the black dress. A fob watch
attached to the front of her pinafore. A white cap on her head.
When she leant forward, she reached for the alarm clock on my bedside table.
She had a very large oval, ring on her finger. It was black. She smiled at
me but it scared the hell out of me and so I shot under the covers! Shame as
I think she was trying to tell me something! I awoke to realising something special had happened to me. When I told people, they ridiculed me. I have kept it secret to this day.

~ Maxine

Unwelcomed Guests

Since I allowed my daughter and her family to move back home, I have had, and others inside my home, have had the shadows show up. Peeking
around the corners of doors. My grandson saw one about the size of a 10 to 12 year old standing in the door of our computer room. One afternoon, my daughter was setting on my front porch and saw a figure in a white T shirt step out from behind a truck parked in my driveway. Later that evening, a son and his girlfriend stopped by to visit and while we girls were setting outside on
the porch, the girlfriend interrupted me and said "Who IS that?" We said "What
do you mean?" She said "I just watched a man in a white T shirt walk beside
the porch behind you" (Speaking of me) I finally told my daughter "That's it, we
are going to bless this porch!" I got my oil out and together we prayed over
it and I started to dip my finger in the oil and make the sign of the cross
over each panel of screen wire on my porch and doors. I had applied it to two
sections when all of a sudden an owl or something let out a loud noise. I and
my grand daughter ran inside but my daughter remained setting. We ran in and
told my husband then went back out to get my daughter. She said she wanted to stay and see what it was but didn't see anything. I plan on doing a sage
cleansing of my home as soon as they move out. Then I plan on going to their
house and cleanse that of anything that may have attached itself to them or
their belongings. Spirits have also been seen by my neighbors outside in my

~ Deborah

I get feelings

Once when I was traveling home from vacation with my husband, I
got this overwhelming feeling of doom. I had been driving and ha to pull
off the road, as I lost my breath. It was 11:15 pm when I pulled off. The
next morning, we got a phone call to say that his mom had died suddenly, in
her sleep. The coroner said her time of death was about 11:15pm.

Another time, I had been a bit "off" all day. Couldn't think right,
couldn't focus.. just a rough day. When I got off work, I was going shopping,
so I called home to see if he needed anything. He told me, "you need to come
home" I said, "It's grandpa, isn't it?? He died??" and he said "yes, how did
you know?" I couldn't tell him how, as I didn't know myself.

~ Kristi

My oldest daughter got up one night to get a drink when she saw
a shadowy creature (man) sitting on the couch in the living room. She was so
scared that she ran into her roommate's bedroom and slept there with her.
She still sees shadow people or the same one anyway on a regular basis. The
last few times she prayed out loud. 2 weeks ago she had another experience
like the ones before - a shadowy man sitting on the couch in her house. She
prayed but heard a voice saying "This won't work. You got to mean it this
time!" Every experience was accompanied by a feeling of real negativity and
sometimes I feel scared for her living 300 miles away and I cannot get there
to help her fast enough.

~ Jutta


Shadow Person/Sleep Paralysis

Before I say anything, just let me say that something like this
has never happened before, and just to make sure I wasn't crazy told all my
friends and they laughed at me.

I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night around a little after 4am or
so. As I opened my eyes I was facing the bedroom door, and I could see a
tall black I guess human looking figure. It had long black hair, but yet no
facial features or real bodily figures. It was almost as if it were a
shadow, yet I distinctly knew that it was looking at me. I was extremely
scared and tried to get out of bed, but my entire body was paralyzed. After
about 2-3min, I was able to move again, yet simultaneously as that happened,
the figure had disappeared. After that I was not able to fall asleep again
for a couple of hours, and when I did I slept like a baby.

I've tried looking this up on google, and most articles or witness accounts
have said that it occurs to people who are young children (i.e. 3-12 years
old). With me this is not the case, as I am 21. I hope this never happens to
me again.

~ David

Little shadow people creepy

I moved to a new apartment in APRIL of 09. About two weeks after
I moved in out the corner of my eye I saw black grey shadows of 4 little
people.since then there has been regular activity, in other apts in my
complex after I leave. Its neat to think my ghost friends follow me.

~ Karla

The Hat Man 

I was working late at my shop in June. It was about 11:00pm and I was tired so I decided to step out and put the seat back in my car and sleep for an hour before resuming my work. So I put the seat back, closed my eyes. Through my closed eyelids I could detect the lights of the building I was in front of, when someone or something blocked that light causing me to open my eyes and look. Leaning down looking at me though my drivers side window was a very skinny figure with a fedora. It was wearing either a cape or trench coat. It was solid black like a shadow but it was solid. The vibe that I got from this thing was pure negative. The feeling was overpowering. It was horrible. When I saw this, I was startled and jumped a little. In response the shadow guy seemed to quickly get skinnier and shrink down at an angle and disappear. It reminded me of the Plastic man cartoon or something. In total, I saw this shadow person for about 3 seconds max. I was so freaked out that I just started the car and drove away. I have never seen it before that and have not seen it since and I hope i never see it again in the future. The feeling it put out was absolutely horrible. Words can't describe it at all.

~ Kenny - USA

Shadow Figure "human like features" 



Hello I died at birth and have no idea if that is why I saw alot of spirit like entities throughout my lifetime but believe this is why I have seen things that the norm have not. skiping past all the other sightings I not once but three times have had encounters with these shadow figures one time I knew my sister and her fiancé were having problems during the day and fell asleep on the couch at night there was a full moon so I could see in the dark and it lit up the TV room in which I was sleeping I awoke and saw a black 'pitch black" figure at the foot of the couch and due to my awakening thought my eyes were still blurry and passed it off for my sisters fiancée I asked him "so did you and mia have an argument again?" because it was just sitting there looking straight ahead like it was in deep concentration like a person in distraught it looked at me for about 3 seconds then looked straight ahead for about 2 seconds then got up slowly and ran out the room real fast I was like O K lol the next morning I asked my sisters fiancée so what happened last night Bryan when I spoke to you last night you just ran out the room? Scott I never spoke to you last night I never even came downstairs then I put it all together and was like oh shit. I then went back into the room showed him exactly what happened when I laid down on the couch we both realized nothing could sit down at the foot of the couch because they would have sit on my feet. Another time about a year later me and about 7 other friends were camping behind my house and we saw this same thing walk about 100yards out we could see it we thought it was a person it walked within 30 yards of our campfire I threw fire sticks at it and rocks because I knew what it was the boulders went right threw it everyone else was huddled together like WTF? I was mad at this thing didn’t like it and probably wouldn’t have had the nerve but I’ve saw many things in relation to it that I know they are not good at all. This last past time in my house my gf saw one white one dark figure the women was smelling her chest the black figure behind her she has never stepped foot in my place again so know this if you ever have a fear like someone is watching you then you’re a bad area leave. Fear feeds them extreme anger and sadness stay away from those emotions and you’re good. Peace


~ Scott   



Black shadow

I currently live in a sub division house threw the military. I have noticed since been here there has been strange occurrences in our neighbourhood. Our neighbors seem to be more aggressive with each other. Every new person that moves in our street there are cops involved and arguments. I talk to all my neighbors and they all have one thing in common at night they all hear footsteps on the roof and strange noises at night. A lot of us are stressed over this. A few of the neighbors wanted to hurt them selves and have strange thoughts of doing so. I believe in God very dearly and another neighbor of mine believes as well. I have put bible verses on the doors and windows since then we have had much trouble with pipes busting every nite or heaters going out. I also feel like something is watching me and its evil. I took the kids and myself to another place to live for a few months with my boyfriend. Even stranger things have happened. He was getting punched at night and pokes all over his body. I didn't believe him at 1st till one night I woke up next to him and I noticed a black shadow water like over us. It was hovering over us and I was taping his shoulder to wake up and this black shadow noticed this and a finger like pointed at me and flew right threw me. He woke up and I told him what I witnesses over us. The next night we have seen this black shadow around his apartment flying very quickly. I have even tried to chase it but it goes through walls. This thing whatever it is has hit and punched my boyfriend and even has held his head pressed against his pillow I actually had to hold my boyfriends head and noticed his cheek was presses or an invention. We moved back to my place and the whole pipes busted all at once and our house was flooded. Management had to come recarpet our house and drill a huge hole in our living room floor to fix it. Since every thing has been fixed. That night we have seen this dark shadow around our house. My boyfriend had a dream from God to take care of this parrot (blue amazon) I had no clue about parrots. Neither did he. One day we were looking on craigslist and noticed a blue amazon for 50.00. We called the owner and he said funny thing is this bird has been on craigslist for 2 weeks and we were the 1st to call on this bird. We bought the bird and looked up blue amazons there prices are normally 600.00 +. His name is Archie and he is a very good bird infact at night we don't cage him and one evening that black shadow flew in our room and Archie attacked that shadow out of our room. Call it strange or amazing. God is always here for us. Every time Archie is out of his cage this shadow seems to be distant from us and Archie. Or Archie chases this shadow out of our room. It’s amazing what God can do for us.   


 ~ Judy



Shadow people, can be harmful

Ok, I have been seeing shadow people, constantly since I was 7 or 8 I’m 19 now. My first experience was quite scary, as I was young; I met a "hat man" as classed on this site. I as a young child ran away never told anyone, to scared looking back on it to say anything. That was the first time of many. Another time, this is when I’m a bit older, around 14 or 15, after seeing the 'hat man' so often, I decided to try and talk to him. Well it didn't go well it let out a "scream" of sorts, which terrified me. I woke up the next day after that only to have cuts along my back, were I could not easily of reached. Another time I remember around the age of 16, I woke up one night to a shadow person watching me, standing in the corner of my room, Red Eyes, and smoking. I at this point just tried to sleep again being terrified. I see them quite often, most of the time the 'hat man'. Things I notice about them = Breathing, and it’s quite loud. Also I see the hat man’s face in detail, it’s still completely black, but it’s very gaunt and sickly looking, cheek bones and jaw sticking out. That’s all for my story, I have to live with them almost everyday, and I’m glad to see that others have seen them and I’m not just Crazy.


 ~ AJ, Canada




The Morning Stranger


It was April 6th three days ago; my mother had been dead for 33yrs. that day. I’ve seen white figures several times after her death but, the other morning was different. Mine and my daughters bedrooms are all upstairs, I woke up at 5:30 a.m. as usual the morning of the 6th. My door was halfway open when I looked in the hall I saw what I thought was my older daughter standing at the top of the steps. I thought it was strange she was just standing there looking straight ahead not saying a word. All I could make out was all black no arms no face, I realized then it wasn't my daughter, it was confusing. As I lay in bed she turned slowly and looked directly at me then was gone just like that, I remember the eyes seemed large and dark yet it was very vague. I still tried to rationalize that it was my daughter even thought the strange appearance, so I lay listening for a door to close or the steps to creak by her. There was only silence so I decided to get up, first thing I noticed was both of their doors were shut, so was the bathroom door, so I looked under the bathroom door to see if the light was on, it wasn't. I walked downstairs listened for a minute no sound, no one, I just remember thinking maybe it was some message from my mother. I really didn't feel afraid it's just strange like there's some message to it.  

~ Wendy 



Shadow People


It was in the house where we used to live. At night while watching tv in the dark in either the bed room or living room. I would see these dark see the shadows up by the cieling. It scared my terribly . Then I realized that they were not there to hurt me as I told them they were welcome as long as they didnt hurt me or my family. I saw them all the time. as well as other weird goings on. Such as I has these angel wind chimes in my living room, which sometimes would just ring for no reason.I told my Husband and kids. They thought I was a nut. I would see these shadows while laying in bed and also at the door to my room. We sold the house to my niece who I now find out has experienced the same things, She has since moved. They are renting the house to friends. My brother called me last night and asked me why I didnt tell him the house was haunted whenwe sold it to them. As the renters called him and stated that they have seen dark shadows as well as cold brushs across them as they lay in bed. Which I also experienced. They brought in a medium ,who started to go into the basement but turned around and stated they is to much dark energy down there. She feels that the Home is built on a vortex. I would like to find out more about my old house and see if there is indeed Entities there.


~ Patty




The Place Was Surrounded


It was the early 80's in Mississippi, I was home alone watching T.V. on a Friday night around 11:00pm. Had it not been for previous experiences with spirits and such I might have gone crazy. I had gon to the kitchen to get a snack and thought I saw something out a window. After looking a second time I saw a figure of a man in a trench coat at the edge of the yard. After futher inspection;I could see not only a hat but a second figure standing ten feet or so from the first. Thinking school friends were playing a joke I header to the front door to sneak up on them. After opening the door I realized I was in trouble, there were more! All in long coats and fadora hats, like som seen out of Dick Tracy. The figures skirted my yard in groups of 3-5 standing under trees and gazing at the house and me. They were faceless bullies daring me to step out. I froze, after catching my wits I ran to the gun cabenet where fathers guns rested. I then armed myself with his 38 special and got the phone. While sitting on the floor I caled my Aunt to pick me up. After 10-15 min. of waiting she arrived and I made a dash for her car. We rode around the house to find nothing in the tree's. 


~ Jim




Sometimes truth is far more strange...


Well, I have had many experiences and run ins with the peranormal, all my life I seem to have attracted strage things so Ill just give one account now. I was living in a rural area in Southeast Arizona in between Cochise and the ghost town of pearce off Hwy 191(old rt 666) One night on my way home I was in a very bad auto accident and my head went almost all the way through the windshield,I was unconcous for over an hour and had a severe concusion.While I was recovering I stayed with my mother who lived next door to me. For three days after the crash I kept seeing shadows out of the corner of my eye come toward me and when I looked at them they didnt dissapear but rather shrank back out of the room at amazing speed, it was realy freaking me out so on the third day I went to see my doctor in the town of Willcox 25 miles away and told him what was happening. His explanation to me was very logical, I had a concusion and it was making mr hallucinate and it would go away as my brain healed.Satisfied with this explenation my Mom and I returned to her home.Well not long after getting back to the house I was watching TV with my mother and seen another one go by the door to the room we were in, I asked her if she saw anything and she said no, at this moment with both of us looking at the doorway it went back by from the direction it had went and an armlike shadow flung out from it and hit a picture of my sister off the wall in a sideways arc and it flew at least fifteen feet into the adjacent room! My Mom and myself looking directly at it, both of us seeing it plain as day! That was it for us that day and we decided a trip 90 miles to Tuson for some fresh air was in order. I had many more experiences then that in that place afterwards but this one is good for now. Thanks for the chance to tell my story.


~ John G.




Shadows entering my life


Ever since I was little, I've seen things. I always thought it was normal to see shadows move off the wall where there was no one else there, and to talk to spirits. It wasn't until my Senior Year of highschool I realized just how bad spirits could be. Most people see Shadow people out of the corner or their eye or as something faint, that wasn't the case for me.

I was very stressed out, and for over a month, I would wake up at 3 or 4am and see a black figure, 3D, and about 6 feet tall just standing over me and looking at me. It wouldn't do anything but stare. I always had to turn away, then when I looked back, it was gone. Then one day it didn't just stand there. It reached down and grabbed me.

I had always thought the spirit was protecting me, instead, it tried to kill me. I struggled for breath and tried to grab its arm, but I just kept passing my hand through it. By then it was lifting me off the bed. I started to black-out, then it dropped me and vanished. That's just one of my encounters with the Shadow People.


~ Casey S





The little Girl At the edge of the bed

About One Year ago I was remodeling my bedroom so was sleeping on a small mattress in the corner of the room with no other furniture expect for a small alarm clock. In the middle of the night I awoke and checked the clock it was about 2:00 am. I then felt a shudder of complete terror and the feeling of someone staring at me.I looked to the edge of the bed to see a small girl at the height of an average 6 or 7 year old. She had long hair and was 3 dimensional with  no visible face features . She didn't speak but just stood there . I stood and left the room to sleep on the couch. I have seen her several times since then only for her to quickly leave as soon as I see her. I have also see a Shadow animal in the shape of dog like presence. 


~ Addelynn R


Black shadow man and death

I was married and pregnant with my son back in 1989. I already had a daughter who was close to a year old by then. All three of us lived in a tiny little house in South Roxana, Il. It was one bedroom so, our bed and my daughters crib was in the same room. One night after we were all asleep, my husband woke me up. He was breathing really hard, sweating and panicking! He was shaking me and his eyes were real wide. I had never seen him look so terrified before! After he woke me up, I held him and got him calmed down a bit. He was saying" Oh my God! "Oh my God! " Are you ok?" I told him I was fine. After he calmed enough, and his breathing was back to normal, he told me what had happened. He said he woke up and I was still asleep. He said that there was a black shadow man hovering over me for the longest time, just floating right above me and my pregnant body. He said he started swinging and hitting at it. Finally he said, it flew toward the window but had scared the hell out of him! He was shook up for days! He couldn't believe that I was ok. I did not see it, nor did I fell any "evil" or "ill" effects. A couple months later, I went into labor. It was the hardest, worst labor I ever want to remember. My husband thought I was dying, I looked and felt like I was dying and it was so hard and painful I wanted to die. I delivered a seemingly healthy, gorgeous baby boy on September 09, 1989. He was a big, strong, beautiful baby! Oh my God, everyone loved him so much. I took him to all of his doctor’s appointments. Good health was checked on his medical records. Then, one night again, we all four went to sleep. By this time, we had moved to an upstairs apartment in Bloomington, Illinois. It had two bedrooms so; I put my sons crib and my 1 1/2 year olds daughters’ bed in the same room. My husbands and I room was right down the hall a few feet. So, on this one night, my daughter and son were both asleep in their bedroom and my husband and I were asleep in ours. I think it was around 3 o'clock in the morning. I was awake in an instant. Against my own will, I was "sat" straight up in bed. I could not move any muscles except for my eyes. I was looking in the direction of my children’s bedroom and walking past my door, was a tall man in a flowing gown. I could see big, strong, leg muscles but couldn't see a head on it. It had its arms cradled, like it was carrying a baby. In my head something told me. Be at peace. Do not panic, this is how it has to be. You don't understand now, but eventually you will. Now, go back to sleep. Again, as quickly as I woke up, I was laid back down and sleeping again. The alarm went off about 5:30 am and my husband woke up and got ready for work. He woke me up before leaving. He gave me a kiss and said I’ll see you later. I asked him if he had checked on the children and he told me no. I asked him to check on them and he said ok. As he started to turn to go down the hall to check on them, I felt a slow panic start rising from inside of me and thought to myself. Oh my God, my baby is dead! I jumped out of bed and dialled 911. As it was ringing, I heard my husband yell from the back room. He had died during the morning hours.

~ Melissa Davis



The first time I remember seeing this I was about 12 and running away from home. It looked like the grim reaper only without the sword thing and u couldn't see any bones or skin or anything. It scared me to death and I would appreciate your opinion.

~ Trudy

Inconspicuous Shadow


My experience with a shadow person started around 7 years old. We lived in a basic rectangle 3 bedroom house with my room being directly across the hall from my parents room with a plain panel door linen closet at the end of the hall between our rooms. It started out by me seeing a shadow the full length of the linen door and about 4 to 5 inches wide. It would appear on my parents side of the linen door and slowly creep across the door. Unlike all the stories I've read this shadow was very inconspicuous much like a shadow casted by a pencil except for the fact it moved across the door. For several years I chalked it up to my imagination until one night my mother, father and older brother was sitting in the front room and my mother had a lamp on. The lamp was the first thing you would run into if u went into the front room so the light from it was lighting up the hall way quite well and I didn't expect to see the shadow this particular night. I was wrong! it appeared and after me calling out to my mother asking several questions trying to figure out what could be casting it she sent my older brother to my room to see what my problem was. This is when my brother saw it as well and began asking question as well. My mother sent my father to my room to see what my problem was and it got to see it moving across the door as well but didn't know what was casting it. My father and brother both return to the living room and when my mother asked what was wrong they told her about the shadow. As my mother set there at the end of the hall in the living room she looked out the corner of her eye and saw the shadow creeping across the door and began looking around to see what was casting a shadow down the hall and onto the door. When she couldn't find any thing casting a shadow she looked down the hall straight at it when the shadow suddenly took off real fast and shot off into their bedroom. She said it was if you looked down the hall and a child was sneaking across the hall and realized it had been seen and ran back into it's room. I saw it a few more times but we never could explain what it was. It did not look like a person nor did it have any distinct features, just a inconspicuous shadow that was not being cast by anything. 


~ John O




Shadow Story


I would like to point out that I call them Shadow Demons, but they also respond the Shadow People. I had a dream the night before about shadows. There hands were reaching out to me, their eyes were glowing, although I dont remember if they were red or white, they held me spell bound and I wasn't afraid. I was more curious. I woke up from the dream to see shadows traveling around my room. This has happened since I can remember, so I just rolled over and went back to sleep. The next day at school, I researched them and everything I saw in my dream fit the description. That night, I was on the phone with my friend. She could hear my fan going in the back round. I decided to ask a question, "Are there any shadow People or Shadow Demons here?", my friend said that there was a moment of absolute silence and then the noise started again. We think that was their response. So we asked again, "If you aren't going to hurt me, please answer the same way.", again my friend heard the silence. I believe that they aren't going to hurt me and I am going to ask more questions. I am going to leave a piece of paper and pencil out in case they want to write me something. I also believe they can effect my sleep. My friend called me a hour later 5 times and I didn't hear it. I also have a small theory. I woke up a 4:30 and there were no shadows. I think that when the sun is going to rise soon, they sense it and go some where.


~ Sarah




Shadow Person


Last night, I stayed up and watched a movie untill about 2:30am when I drifted off to sleep. Out of nowhere my eyes opened and I couldnt move and my eyes where able to move but my body was paralyzed, I started hearing a noise and i tried reaching for my Glock I keep on the night stand and I couldnt move, thats when I saw a dark smoke shaped like a man with a dick tracey shaped hat, it moved around to the foot of my bed and dissapeared then almost instantly re-appeared next to my side of the bed and came right at me, thats when it dissapeared and finally I could move now. I know it wasnt a dream because when it dissapeared and I could move there was no difference in how I was laying or where I was looking throughout the whole ordeal, I even remember the fan blades in the exact same spot. Now if I was dreaming the fan blades would not be in the same spot as when I saw them two second after seeing this shadow person, and I know I was awake during all of it. This scared me to death, I am a Law Enforcement Officer and nothing has scared me like what I saw at 3:41am this morning.


~ Scott




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