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The Shadow People Revisited... 

The phenomenon of shadow people is an area of interest among people. Are they ghosts, time travellers, inter-dimensional beings, or something else? Experts who are studying and experiencing the shadow people phenomenon tell that people may see these entities near the eye’s corner. But recently, many cases of straight forward encounter have been reported. Even, some of the experiencers have seen the red eyes of the shadow people. The mysterious observations have become a smoking topic for paranormal conversation in chat rooms, websites, message boards, etc. There are various theories on shadow people.       

The Imagination

The skeptics and others associated with science believe that shadow people are nothing but the active imaginations of human beings. Our minds play tricks and create illusions in front of our eyes for short durations. This may be caused by a passing auto headlight, or other similar instances. The eyes and minds can be easily fooled with these instances. 


The phenomenon of shadow people is quite different from that of ghosts. The ghosts appear misty white and have human form. On the other hand, shadow beings appear darker. The ghosts often appear with discernable clothing whereas the shadow beings don’t. The shadow people often have some human outline but lack details of the appearance. One of the commonly observed details of shadow beings is their red eyes.   

Astral Bodies

Some people suggested that shadow beings are the shadows of people whose souls can move out of their bodies. Jerry Gross says that we can travel out of our body while sleeping and may appear to others as astral bodies.  

Time Travelers

This idea states that people from the future may have some means to travel to their past, which is our present. They may be able to see us but we are not able to see them clearly. 

Interdimensional Beings

People associated with Science also believe that more than three dimensions may exist. If this is true then one question arises is that who inhabit them? Some theories state that these hidden dimensions exist parallel to ours and are invisible to us. The inhabitants of these hidden dimensions may have found some method to enter our dimension such that they are at least partially visible to us.     


The phenomenon of alien & abduction is very bizarre. The extraterrestrials are often suspected as shadow people at times. Many cases have been reported where an alien was seen passing through the wall or closed window. 

These theories on shadow people can neither be proved exclusively nor be disproved. It is very difficult to study this phenomenon with scientific methodology so if you wish to learn more about all of the above we do suggest you take your time and make up your own mind on the phenomenon. 

Have you had an experience with Shadow People? We would love to hear from you. Share your story with us and the rest of the world CLICK HERE

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