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Remote Healing

Remote Healing is the focus and transmission of intuitive life energy for balancing and healing sent from one individual to another - healer to healing recipient. This is accomplished by means of opening to receive your power of inner healing, facilitated by "qualified healing energy" channeled and focused to you by the healer. Remote healing succeeds through supporting the knowing, healing action of the divine "healer within".

The work of the healer is to help you discern what is needed through the application of intuitive awareness, wisdom of life energy function, prayer and/or focused, intentional thought that is then directed to you for the desired healing purpose.

The Spiritual or Energy Healer focuses on the specific needs of the individual who has requested the healing work. The Healer tunes-in to what's needed and transmits "qualified energy" toward the purpose of facilitating the healing process to be activated by the recipient's own inner-healer. "Qualified Energy" is defined as life or chi energy, healing energy, focused to achieve a certain specified outcome.

As part of our ongoing research into this area we ask that you share any experiences that you may have had either as a recipient of remote healing energy or as a practitioner of remote healing techniques.

If you are a practitioner of remote healing and would like to donate your services to those in need, we will be happy to facilitate and arrange healing sessions via contacts with those who express an interest or need through this web site.

If you feel that you are in need of remote healing energy please contact us via e-mail with your details and we will arrange for remote healing sessions to begin for you as soon as possible.

Please be aware that this service is offered at no expense to you. Please also be aware that there is no substitute for the sound medical guidance of your personal physicians or medical care providers.

The remote healing sessions offered through this web site are not meant in any way to be misconstrued as Medicaid advice or recommendations.




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