Psychic Tests

We are all born with a certain amount of psychic ability. Have you ever wondered how psychi you are? A variety of tests exist to help determine the level of your psychic skills. Perhaps the most famous of these tests is the Zener Card test.

This test was originally developed by Dr Karl Zener and consists of a pack of 25 cards with five symbols appearing five times. The symbols are waves, star, circle, square and cross. You can make these cards yourself by drawing the symbols on o heavy paper and cutting out equal size cards.

To test for psychic ability one person draws a card but doesn't look at it and the subject simultaneously records their guess. The card is replaced. This is so the subject doesn't use logic to work out what the next card is likely to be. To test for telepathy, the person drawing the cards would look at the card and the subject would attempt to perceive the symbol through that person's mind.





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