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Psychic Surgery

Psychic surgery has had its successes and failures. I have heard many reports from people wh have witnessed this type of healing and have seen patients recover, while others have died. It is difficult to believe that one can pierce the skin of the sick person, remove the problem, often a tumor, without much bleeding, after which the person is cured, but it has been done and witnessed.

Psychic surgery is allegedly a paranormal surgical procedure, practiced chiefly in the Philippines and Brazil. It is performed by self-styled psychic doctors or psychic surgeons, who claim and are reported to extract "tumors" or other presumed pathological objects (pus, bones, and so on) from the patient's body through a bloody but painless and invisible "incision", often made with bare hands and without the use of antiseptics or anesthetics.

Psychic surgeons often claim special magical or paranormal abilities. Practitioner Leony Romero claims an innate ability to "raise the vibration" of his hands so that they can pass through the patient's tissues, and turn "diseased energy" into physical matter.Psychic surgery should not be confused with psychosurgery.

Psychic surgery is a modern expression of traditional Filipino shamanism. Practiced also in North America by visiting Filipino shamans, psychic surgery involves the extraction of "tumors" from the body through a bloody but painless and invisible 'incision' in the patient's abdomen. Chicken blood and parts have been found hidden on the shamans who perform these procedures."

"The 'psychic surgeons' of the Philippines and Brazil are marketed as traditional healers who possess special, mystical powers."

"Psychic surgery is a procedure in which sleight-of-hand is used to create an illusion that patients can be cured with surgery that leaves no skin wound." The psychic operation is "the removal of tissue from the body using bare hands, without the use of anaesthetics or antisepsis, leaving little or no indication on the skin that an operation had been performed.





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