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Everyone Has Psychic Experiences


It’s not often that you hear someone talking about their psychic experiences in public. Lots of people who don’t even mean to are overly skeptical and negative about psychic experiences, and will downplay or even mock an experience that you’ve had with unexplainable psychic phenomena. To most people who’ve experienced them, and recognized them for what they are, such experiences are personal and special. These people don’t like to see them treated lightly and without the respect they deserve, so maybe they keep their stories to themselves.


Experiences with the psychic world come in all flavors. Some have undeniable evidence that ghosts or spirits exist, and that they are very real manifestations in our world. Experiences with the other side may be sensory experiences, such as:


• feelings of being watched

• the hair on the back of your neck going up

• sudden feeling of heat or cold

• seeing people or shadows of a person,

• hearing noises or voices


Ghost sightings can also include hard physical evidence of the presence of a ghost, like marks left by something the ghost did or footprints left by the ghost.


Other types of psychic experiences include being able to see certain aspects of the future or have inhumanly deep insight into a problem or situation. These are the types of services most often sought out from paid phone psychics and clairvoyants. But that doesn’t mean that they are the only people with those types of abilities.


Ordinary people going about their lives are often very gifted in these areas of clairvoyance. Are you one of these people? Are friends constantly seeking you out for advice and counsel before making a big decision? Does there seem to be a consensus that you’ve got special insight into problems and valuable input on life-changing events? Maybe friends are reluctant to say ‘psychic,’ but they definitely agree that there is something mystic about you, and there’s no explainable way you could know the things you know. You’ve probably had lots of psychic experiences ranging from small to large, maybe without thinking too much of it.


People can often chalk up a psychic experience to coincidence, but don’t believe that they have the final word. They are entitled to be disbelieving if they want, but the reality is that psychic experiences do exist. You’ve had them, and there are others who have had them, too. Sharing them with like-minded believers in psychic phenomena gives you confidence in what you’ve believed all along.




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