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Psychic Development - Part 1

By Stuart Bates

Everyone has psychic ability. It is important for people to recognize the gifts that they have lying within them as psychic work is not just for people who are special or unique. In a way we are all unique but we all share the ability to be psychic.

There are different types of psychics and they can focus on specific skills such as past life reading, mediumship or healing but to name a few. There are also different ways to support the bringing through of information with props such as tarot cards and crystal balls some of the well known supports.

Developing psychic ability is not always an easy task as people often have blockages that prevent them from opening up properly. One of the biggest blocks can be doubt as people often don’t believe that they can become psychic themselves. This is what keeps many people from truly exploring what is essentially inside themselves.

To develop psychic ability one must look at why they wish to do so. Developing psychic ability merely for party tricks or to bring harm to others is not advisable as this is a powerful aspect of ourselves and the universe that we open up to- it must be treated with respect.

Remember that not everyone has the same abilities and not everyone will be like John Edward or Barbara Ann Brennan. It may be that one simply awakens their innate healing power or gains an expanded sense of awareness and intelligence regarding life and all that surrounds us. However, everyone will benefit from using a positive intent to bring through their own gifts.

What is important is that one starts with the basics if they wish to open up to their own talents. Meditation is a very important tool for those wishing to begin their psychic journey. It is important because meditation helps to still the mind and calm the emotions. Having a still mind and calm emotions is very important when opening up and tuning in to what is within and around us. If we are not calm then we will have trouble interpreting what is coming through because we will have too much interference. So getting into a good meditation routine will help one to open up to their psychic side in a controlled and positive way.

A good diet is also important because it keeps the body appropriately nourished and our energy flowing. Bad food can stagnate in the body and therefore cause energetic disturbances. This can be seen simply in how we feel after having a big unhealthy meal, often we experience unpleasant feelings or become lethargic. This is how food can affect our body in a very simple way. Eating fresh fruit, vegetables and drinking plenty of clean water is great for our body. We will feel much better and our energy will flow more thus keeping us clearer and able to tap into our psychic abilities with greater ease.

Joining a psychic development group is a great way of exploring our gifts for the first time. It can take a while for one to truly find a space within where they can work properly with their psychic gifts. Attending a group is a great way of introducing oneself to the realm of psychic work and with a proper teacher a great deal of confidence can be gained. As confidence is one of the great barriers to psychic work, establishing this early will help one to develop.

Formal or informal study that introduces one to psychic work and has exercises that can be practiced is also a good idea. One will become familiar with different psychic abilities and also the subtle ones that we use even in the everyday without being aware of such as making decisions based on a gut feeling. Practicing at home with simple exercises is a gentle introduction to psychic work.

In summary, everyone has psychic ability yet it may manifest differently for each person. One of the biggest hurdles for the beginner is doubt and it is important that psychic work be approached respectfully. If one has the desire to explore this part of themselves then it is suggested that they meditate, eat well, join a development group and study the topic. Once one has an understanding of psychic work then ultimately it comes down to time, practice and trust.  




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