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The Psychic Detectives Book Catalogue

Discover the amazing world of self empowerment, psychic development and increase your vitality and energy, enhance your relationships with others plus transform negativity into beneficial power today.

psychic development book
7 Day Psychic Development Course

Whether you are just begining to explore your psychic abilities or have studied the subject for years, this book is for you! These excercise are certain to increase your psychic abilities. A safe, simple and fun program designed to dramatically increase your intuitive abilities in just a few short days.

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judo for soul ebook

Judo For The Soul

Increase your Personal Power. Control and diminish your negative thoughts.
Reduce stress and anxiety. Increase your vitality and energy, Enhance your relationships with others plus Transform negativity into beneficial power

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Embracing The Infinite

This is a book about self empowerment. The goal of this book is to offer practical tools to help build your own power as well as help cope with the negativity of others. That negativity can come in many forms and from many sources, it may come from a distance or it may be up close and personal. Whatever the source of the negativity may be, there are certain characteristics of it that can be identified and dealt with.

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be-psychic Be Psychic - The Ultimate Course in Psychic Development

IMAGINE Having An ADVANTAGE Over EVERYONE Else - With Your NEW Built-In Psychic Powers!

"Take Just FIVE MINUTES Today --
And I'll show YOU how to READ ANYONE'S MIND!"

Plus, I'll teach you how to astral travel... predict the future... ... heal animals... send "P-Mail"...and Improve your Sex Life! 

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Lucid Dreaming - New SECRET CDS Allow You to Control Your Dreams!

Discover the SECRET Lucid Dreaming CDs That Let You Actually CHOOSE What Sort of Adventure You Want!

Fly Across the City ... Chat with Einstein ... Time Travel Discover "Jurassic Park" ... Enjoy Adult Encounters ... & MORE!

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Psychic Powers Made Easy

Are you ready to find out how to tap into Your True Potential by using your Intuition and Natural Psychic Powers with a proven, step-by-step system to achieve success in your career, money, love, family, relationships and health?"

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Mind Sync

Using brainwave technology it was found that certain combinations of alpha,theta and delta harmonics caused beneficial changes in brain activity and changes in consciousness 

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 tarot trainer

Ultimate Tarot Trainer!

Ultimate Tarot Trainer Is A Fun & Easy Way For Beginners To Learn How To Read Tarot Cards.

  • Learn the 78 cards of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck (the most popular for beginners)
  • Learn the common keywords associated with each card
  • Learn the general meanings of each card, both upright and reversed
  • Focus on smaller subsets of cards, such as the Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, individual suits, or reversed cards
  • Quiz yourself using three different levels of difficulty
  • Keep track of your progress by utilizing the built-in goal setting feature

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