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Precognition Defined
Jeffry R. Palmer

Intuition can be defined as a holistic filtering of information gathered by the other senses. In previous articles I have referred to the thought mechanisms of the primordial mind as it relates to the intuitive sensing process. Intuition is directly related to survival instinct. Beyond intuition’s filtering of extraneous information there is a peculiar human ability to at times foresee future events. This ability is known as precognition.

Precognition or the act of knowing beforehand that an event will occur is a phenomena experienced by many, yet little is known about this mysterious ability. The greatest hindrance to serious scientific study of precognitive abilities is their nature as a spontaneous and seemingly random event. It is difficult, if not impossible for scientists to research a human ability with such an unpredictable rate of occurrence.

Much of the scientific data regarding precognitive skills comes to us in the form of statistical analysis and while this does little to shed any real light on the origin of and mechanisms behind precognitive abilities, these statistics do offer a starting point for future research. What is known about precognitive events is that they occur most often in dreams and are usually focused on intimate relationships.

Research has shown that 80 to 85 percent of precognitive experiences involve a spouse, family member or friend with whom the individual has close emotional ties. The remaining incidences of precognition involve strangers or casual relationships, many of whom are the victims of some form of disaster.

There is evidence to support the notion of increased psychic phenomena occurring among relatives and friends. Precognitive experiences are not limited however to close relationships. The exact cause of precognition is unknown. There are numerous theories ranging from outright sceptical dismissal to angelic intervention. My own view of precognitive ability places the experience within the same realm as intuitive and instinctual perception, an anthropological viewpoint, placing precognition within the context of the ancestral or primal mind.

Just as intuitive sensing and instinctual knowledge are remnants of an ancestral need to remain intimately connected to the environment, I believe that precognition is a similarly ancient aspect of human perception. Intuition is responsible for filtering the information gathered by the other senses, instinctual knowledge is the result of that information being formed into coherent ideas and concepts.

Precognition may be the next logical step in this progression. A collection of intuitive information gathered over time which forms eventually into premonitions, prophecy and other forms of precognitive events experienced in all parts of the world.

Precognition in this context may be viewed as a communication method of the intuitive mind, one designed to convey concepts of potential futures based on information gathered by the intuitive senses. The seemingly random nature of precognition may be misleading. These events may not be random at all. But rather the cumulative result of long periods of extra sensory information gathering.

The precognitive event appears random or spontaneous due to it’s method of delivery, usually in vivid dreams or flashes of insight. The information gathered by the intuitive senses however is steady and ongoing. It may be that precognitive experiences are just as regular as the intuitive information gathering process but are unfortunately overlooked, misinterpreted or unrecognized as important symbols generated by the intuitive mind.

Precognition like intuition and instinct is a natural human ability. Early in the history of human evolution the ability to foresee future events may well have been a common occurrence. Ability tied directly to the survival of the human species just as instinct and intuition are.

To understand precognition it is necessary to understand the intuitive, ancestral thought process. Perhaps by delving into this area we can come to a better understanding of the incredible potential of the human mind.

Jeffry R. Palmer © 2006




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