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Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy is an alternative medicine system that was created in the mid 20th century by American doctor Randolph Stone. It claims to be a way to keep fit and healthy on all levels, by balancing the basic positive and negative energies that constitute life. It involves bodywork and diet.

Between 1947 and 1954 Stone published seven books outlining polarity therapy. Polarity therapy has been used to relieve pain and relax patients in hospital studies. The model of Polarity therapy is the intersection of eastern (ayurvedic) and western (chiropractic and osteopathic) approaches.

The energy model reflects many of the concepts of Einsteinian physics, craniosacral technique and psychological and nutritional approaches to healing. The most basic principle is that energy precedes form and the concept of involoution and evolution (Energy focuses inward to be transformed into form and then flow back out from form to energy or "source"). The model of how the energy goes from involution to evolution is based on models of ayurveda and osteopathy.

These models define the paths of energy, the potential blockages and how, through exercises, nutrition, change of attitude and polarity bodywork techniques, the flow of energy can be corrected. The theory states that by correcting the flow of energy, the form will follow. Despite claims by practitioners, there is no scientific evidence that this "life energy" (See: Qi) exists. Polarity therapy has four distinct areas of focus: Bodywork, energy exercises, energetic diet and thoughts and attitudes or beliefs.

Polarity practitioners that are registered with the American Polarity Therapy Association are supposed to be knowledgeable in all four areas. The reality is that most practitioners tend to favor one area over others. So, the work may vary considerably depending on the practitioner. As with all things related to bodywork, practitioners cannot and should not make any claims as to polarity's ability to heal a condition or illness. It is recommended that a person that is seeking alternative wellness techniques monitor closely how they react to any types of techniques.

It is also important to remember that every practitioner is different. It is recommended that a client work with more than one person until they find someone that they consider a good match for them. Dr. Randolph Stone the founder of Polarity Therapy, understood the Soul to be the animating force in the body. Currents of life-force energy emanating from the Soul sustain the energy fields of the body.






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