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The number of psychics providing reading services online grows every day. Today you can find any number of psychics, astrolgers, tarot card readers and a whole variety of other types of fortune tellers selling thier services on the internet.

Psychics today use the internet to provide readings by email, through online chat sessions, using messenger services and even video conferencing. Psychic readings have gone high tech.

Online psychic readings are quick, easy and conveinent, but are they as accurate as traditional face to face readings with your local psychic or fortune teller? Some may argue that it makes no difference, that either way is a hoax or scam. While a great many people claiming to be psychic are in fact scammers, I make the argument that is actually easier to pull the whole over someone's eyes in person than it is online.

One of the favorite scams of psychic con artists is to convince thier victims that they are cursed and for a large sum of money they will be able to have the curse removed. Victims of this con often find themselves paying thousands of dollars to have a non-existent cursed removed. They fall prey to the charisma and deciets of the psychic scammer who can be very convincing and persuasive and when this dosn't work, threatening and intimidating.

Odering a psychic reading online may in fact be a safer and wiser alternative to purchasing one from the local psychic.






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