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Natasha Chamberlin


(*Don't forget to read Natasha's Client Testimonials below) 


"Natasha has done several e-mail readings for me this year. I felt she was very accurate with her knowing, which is why I returned to her and would again. And she does not sugar-coat!! I also took the time to read about her, who she is, where she is from, & that she is a real person like the rest of us."

  ~ Susan Carole, Los Angeles, USA

Natasha Chamberlin, was born January 22nd, 1981. She was born with a special gift, the gift of "in-sight". She believes that she inherited this gift from her Mother, whom inherited it from her mother and she has been gifted with psychic intuition from as long as she can remember.

Natasha's Bio

Hi my name is Natasha Chamberlin, I am an Aquarian I am also Zimbabwean but moved to England eight years ago because of the situation in Zimbabwe. I am a full time mom and housewife, I have two beautiful little girls aged 9 and 3 and I am happily married. I love arts and crafts, dancing and singing, cookery and gardening, the outdoors and also spending quality time with my friends and family.

I have been psychic for as long as I can remember. My mother, aunt and grandmother are psychic too. I have an amazing memory where I can remember things from 2 years old onwards. As from the age of two I began to see, feel and hear what was considered strange things.

I am able to talk to, hear and see spirits of all shapes and forms. I also find that when I am feeling very angry or down that electrical products start to behave oddly or break. When I have felt like this, I have many experiences of such things as light bulbs blowing, computers crashing, televisions flicking on and off and even giving people small electric shocks when I touch them.

I find that I relate well to animals and I have a great love for them too. I am able to feel and know when an animal is ill or is going to die. I have a deep hunger inside of me to try to heal and help everyone; animals, plants and people alike. If someone I know has mislaid a possession, I find that they come to me as I seem to be able to find things no matter how strange a place they are in.

I have vivid dreams and am visited many times in my dreams by spirits who give me messages. I have also found that many of my dreams have come true. People also come to me to make sense of their dreams, as I seem to have a good understanding of their meaning.

I have had the experience of helping a spirit to cross over and follow the light before. It was a mischievious spirit who haunted me for years and one day I just had enough. I do not know where I found the strength, but I picked up my bible and began to read scriptures and say prayer. Then I found myself telling the spirit to follow the light. It went and I have not seen it since.

I have seen shadow people many times, most recent was July 2009 in my kitchen. I find I am also a very good judge of character and can tell how a person is feeling, just by talking to them or even walking past them. This is not always a good thing as sometimes their feelings will stick with me and I find it hard to shift their emotions. I always seem to know who is on the phone or if someone will visit before they do. I also sometimes find that I have a strong feeling that something significant is going to happen, before it actually does. In everyday situations, such as walking in a supermarket, I can walk past someone and get flashes of things in that person's life.

Only recently I have started to receive signs letting me know that I need to be aware of certain things. I am grateful for the help as it has saved us from a house fire and a possible burglary. I also received a warning sign once, which saved me from being hit by a car. The signs I receive come to me in various ways. Usually I find that one of my senses heightens.

I first performed readings for my friends and family when I was 20 and have only recently in the past year or so started to perform readings for people who I do not know. To date, my readings have been considered accurate and helpful. Helping people is a integral part of my life and by performing the readings I feel I am helping to make a positive difference in that persons life. I may not always get everything exactly right but I do try my best to help as much as I can. I feel I should be clear that some of the points I make may be relevant to the past, present or future. Sometimes when performing readings, spirits will come me to pass on information or messages.

I look forward to reading for you soon.


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 Some RAVE Reviews from Happy
Customers about Natasha's Readings...



"I was very happy with my reading and would definitely want Natasha to read for me again when I feel like I need more life guidance.

I have to admit, I wasn't expecting to find getting my reading such an emotional experience. I asked Natasha a very open ended question as I felt like I was at a transitional point in my life and I was interested to hear what she saw in my future.

She very clearly picked up on the things that are the big issues for me at the moment and I was reassured by what she had to say. She also got my personality spot on, and made a few suggestions that I wasn't expecting! All in all, it was very interesting, helpful and has made me feel more positive about the future."
                                                                              ~ Claire E



"I turned to Natasha after my daughter called upon her. It is one thing to be open-minded to the possibilities of what exists around us, but it is truly jaw-dropping and inspiring to embrace such a psychic ability. The unseen is not beyond one's reach with help from Natasha. "Seeing" is believing."

  ~ Steven Basoco



"Natasha's readings are kind, direct and insightful. She seems very accurate and has also confirmed some things for me that I had been suspecting. And her advice just feels right! Thanks, Natasha!"
                                                                         ~ Gina, USA


"I really liked Natasha very much. She works best if you do not ask questions (phone psychic reading) and let her go with the flow so to speak or follow what she picks up. She said a lot of things which seemed real odd to me as she sees pictures and relates these as future or past events....odd until she hit on the name of the man I love without me telling her. That really freaked me out. It is a complex name for her to pronounce being foreign and yet she said it. She thought it was a street name at first but then I realized straight away what she meant. That proved to me she is no fake psychic like many out there. She also picked up on a long trip I am going to be going on soon. She picked up on my state of mind and worries and on a contract coming in soon. I thought she was off only on a couple of things but that was because I asked her questions instead of letting her follow her visions. She is one of those psychics who needs to be left to flow and speak freely without any prodding. She will be sure to pick up on your situation if you let her speak, sit back and relax and just let her do her work.

I really enjoyed my reading with her. She is honest, has a beautiful spirit and definitely made me feel more at ease with my hard life situations. I definitely suggest her to anyone. She confirmed my own gut feeling about many issues."

  ~ Karen, Australia


"Hi-everyone - I was just thinking about Natasha-the details of the reading were beyond amazing! Everything I thought, she just had in her reading.Have a collection of ghost photos, I just can't speak with so so so many people who see churches and holy places going back centuries at least. Now many people are hoping to know more, about the wonderful gift of seeing a spirit picture for real. She put so much work into her reading - One name (out of 10) was off buy one letter - she got savio-found out the people in the house one hundred years ago, are lorio. No one knew this not even me and I lived there. The sound avio was what I needed to find the family, she told me something was hidden in the house, When my friend died his relatives came and ripped through the place.There was a large sum of money in the house - I never knew. And the spirits that are there loved being known at last in a deeper way. I was very at peace after. I would truly like to thank you. For your help during the hardest days of my life - I'm NOT in the house anymore, but soon, The rest she told me will come true. A medium here is very interested. I feel more confident now - with complete understanding of how hard your job really is."

  ~ Keith Allen

"I want to thank you for your lovely reading.I needed some good news....Your answers were what I was waiting for a while now. I can`t wait to see those beautiful coloured leaves at my feet on my wedding day. Thank you!"

  ~ Camelia Avram UK


"That is so interesting.
You have got my personality spot on!"

~ Donna Hunt


"Firstly your description of me is
correct. I have to say you are 98
percent accurate Natasha."

~ Mary Misselbrook


"Thanks so much for the reading, it
seems to be very accurate."

~ Candida Holston


"Oh my word! I really don't know what to say. hehe It's scary but the same time amazing/interesting. Wow that's sooo cool."

~ Charlene Renken


"Tash, I can't believe how accurate this
reading was. Wow you're good!!!!"

~ Celia


"There are a lot of things in your reading that really brightened my day and some of those things I really needed to hear from someone. Thankyou for your time and encouragement,
it means a lot."

~ Ariana


"Oh my God! My jaw just dropped to the
floor lol - Thank you sooo much!"

~ Alyssa


"I am actually lost for words and very stunned by the information you sent in
this reading!"

~ Anna Sturdey



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