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Meditation Can Help you Develop
Your Inner Psychic Abilities


Everyone has some degree of psychic ability at birth. For some it may be initially stronger than in others. But most of us as we grow up seem to lose some of those abilities. As we grow up we try to “fit in” and may neglect the psychic gifts we possess, and often even if we wanted to nurture our psychic side we don’t always know how. One helpful technique for discovering the innate psychic inside you is meditation. Meditation can help you develop your inner psychic abilities in a number of ways.


Meditation is necessary to develop any mental gift such as psychic powers or extra-sensory perception. It is absolutely necessary to spend some time each day tuning out all outside distractions and focusing your full attention on the inner workings of your mind. One cannot be tuned into the deep inner workings of the mind when surrounded by noise, people, stress, and other visual and auditory stimuli. Eliminate these for a period of time each day so you are free to reflect on your psychic gifts and learn to better use them.


Psychic powers are an ability, not a written telegram. People with extra-sensory perception receive thoughts, feelings, images, or impressions which they must interpret – so you can see why it takes 100% focus, especially in the beginning, to concentrate on correctly receiving, recognizing, and interpreting these promptings. Meditation is a way to slow down the constant flurry of thoughts and emotions hurtling through your mind, and helps you to discover more about your innate psychic gift.


Have you ever had something happen to you that was so amazing it had to be more than just mere coincidence? There are many instances when a mother just knew that her child was in danger and saved him just before it was too late, or when the phone rings and you simply knew beyond a shadow of a doubt who it was without any reason to believe that. Those are examples of psychic power at work in everyday life. Many of us dismiss those occurrences as mere coincidence, but those of us who really want to know ourselves can take it a step further.


Most people have some degree of psychic ability but have never taken the time to recognize or develop their gift. Meditation is one very effective form of learning to use your psychic powers. Just like a muscle, if you consistently use psychic powers they will get stronger and easier to use every time.





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