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Intuitive Artist April Palmer

April's gift allows her to see your inner being and her creative talent enables her to reproduce this image in vibrant color as a portait for you. April's portraits respect your physical form as this is how you are recognised on this material plane.

Have an Intuitive painting created for you or a loved one.

A commissioned portrait that reflects your spirit being cannot be found anywhere in the world at this price !

All you need do is make your payment via paypal and email your photograph to the Psychic Detective. Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery of your Intuitive Portrait. You will receive a 16 x 12 inch canvas board ready to frame ( size example 2, blue boy ). These have been selected for inexpensive shipping to you also these boards are very sturdy perfect for postage world wide.

What a wonderful gift idea.

Price: $250 US


includes shipping

Other sizes available upon request.

Examples of April's Intuitive Art:





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