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Intuition and Modern Life - by Jeffry R. Palmer

Intuitive sensing is linked directly to ancestral, primordial survival traits. With the modernization and industrialization of society, primitive survival traits become less and less important. We are no longer required to venture into the wilderness to seek our daily meals. It is no longer necessary for modern man to maintain an intimate connection with the environment. We select our dinners from the grocery store shelves and freezers. For many of us the idea of hunting and killing an animal or instinctually knowing when the proper time to plant a crop seems to be a foreign concept.

We have distanced ourselves from the need to rely on intuitive sensing as a mechanism of survival. Modernization of society has resulted in a reduced capacity to think intuitively. While intuitive senses will always remain an integral part of human perception, as we become less connected with the environment, the intuitive thinking process is neglected and unused. The trend toward diminishing intuitive senses carries consequences beyond simply neglecting a natural skill.

Other aspects of our growth as a society are affected as well. Creativity suffers as a result of the over-dependency on the industrial complex to provide our daily needs. The connection to the environment, the intimate knowledge of natural cycles and rhythms, the appreciation of all things living and our responsibility and roles as higher forms of life to care for the planet and its creatures is lost without the bridge to higher consciousness provided by the intuitive mind.

The trend toward distancing ourselves from natural intuitive thinking processes is relatively simple to reverse. It is possible to retrain the intuitive mind, to strengthen the intuitive senses with simple exercises. Exercises which heighten awareness, increase sensing abilities and tap into psychic perception methods result in a dramatic increase in psychic skills.

Perhaps one of the easiest steps to take in reconnecting to your intuitive senses is to simply spend time listening to nature. Take a walk in the woods or a stroll along the beach, anyplace where you can just get away from it all. Spend a few minutes simply listening to the world. Close your eyes and try to hear as many different sounds as possible. Try to focus your hearing from one sound to the next. What is the most distant sound that you can hear? Which sound is the closest? How many separate sounds can you focus on? Just listen for awhile. Relax and listen. The intuitive mind activates itself while you are in this simple listening state. Listen to the world and the intuitive senses will trigger automatically.

Repeat this routine anytime that you may feel disconnected from your intuitive senses. Simply stop, enjoy a natural setting and listen to your surroundings. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn just how simple it can be to reconnect to your intuitive mind. Of course there are advanced methods available to strengthen your intuitive senses.

The important thing to remember is that, even in this modern world, your intuitive mind is always ready and available to offer insight and guidance.

Jeffry R. Palmer © 2006




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