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How To Go About Hiring Psychic Readers

By Amanda Lee

Do you know how to go about hiring psychic readers? Maybe you need a reading because you're facing a critical choice but don't want to call the Psychic Friends Network. No, you need a real psychic reader. The best way to hire a psychic reader is to ask your friends if they've had a good experience with someone local. Your friends will be able to tell you how comfortable they were with the process of hiring a psychic reader and how accurate the reading was.

They'll be able to tell you whether the psychic was a fraud or whether he or she provided real spiritual insight. If none of your friends have ever hired a psychic reader or they don't have any positive recommendations for you, try to get a referral. For instance, you may have seen James Von Praugh on television. Mr. Von Praugh no longer gives private readings, but his website lists recommended psychics who are located throughout the world. Von Praugh has too much to lose to tell you to hire a quack psychic.

A final way to evaluate the quality of a psychic reader is to find out how long they've been in business in one geographic location. Every psychic has to start somewhere and every psychic has to have a first client. And, unlike surgery, a psychic at the beginning of her career may be just as good as when she's had 20 years. However, because there is no real way to certify psychics, all you have to go on is their reputation. If a psychic has been in business in one place for many years, she likely has a substantial repeat clientele. This lets you know that she's the real thing.

So, whether you're relying on the word of a friend, the recommendation of a psychic you respect, or the wisdom of crowds, you're counting on someone else to pass judgment before you go about hiring a psychic reader. Amanda Lee is interested in metaphysical and psychic phenomenon.

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