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How to Get Rid of Shadow People is it Possible?

If you wish to eradicate a problem, we must first determine what that problem is. If for example, the problem happens to be squirrels or ants invading a home, an exterminator would use entirely different methods of dealing with each nuisance. It would therefore, be helpful to determine what exactly are shadow people. Unfortunately, nobody knows for sure. Although there have been many reported sightings of shadow people, verification as to whether or not they are actually real is, in fact, non-existent.

If they are, in fact, real...... What are they? Theories include: inter-dimensional beings, ghosts, demons and time travellers. Like the exterminator example previously given, each would require different methods for dealing with the entity.

Most researchers believe that shadow people, if they really exist, are manifestations of haunting or ghosts. If it is a non-intelligent “recording” on the environment – a residual haunting, one way of possibly removing it is to alter the environment in some way. (But a residual haunting is harmless and pretty cool! Why would you want to be rid of it?)
If it is an intelligent haunting – a genuine spirit that reacts and behaves in a way that shows it has awareness, then there are numerous things that can be done to make it go away. For those suggestions, renowned ghost hunter and paranormal researcher Lloyd Auerbach, in his book “Ghost Hunting: How To Investigate the Paranormal” offers the following:

Ignore the ghost.

Lloyd Auerbach writes that apparitions are similar to people and will most likely go away when ignored. From time to time, however, this rebounds because the spirits want more attention, and the ghostly activities increase.

Use Humour and Positive Energy.

Try injecting some light humour adn or positive energy, as fear is the biggest enemy in these cases. “Most people have a sense of humour, including the dead ones” says Lloyd Auerbach.

Listen and Learn if it's a Friendly Entity.

The spirit is perhaps trying to communicate and has something to tell. Try to find out what that might be and endeavour to resolve it.

Tell the Shadow/Ghost to leave.

Often, this strategy works well. Lloyd Auerbach advises that when the time is taken to explain how and why having ghosts stay, troubles everyone and increases their stress, as most ghosts are reasonable, they will go. This might also work in the case of entities that are time travellers or inter-dimensional beings. They might listen if they are actually aware.

The advice in Lloyd Auerbach’s book s more thorough and detailed than what has been extracted here, so taking a deeper look is recommended. One important factor stressed is that on is not required to try to work alone. It is advised that help should be sought, preferably from individuals with who have had real experience in these matters.

Use Prayer, Positive Reinforcement and Space Clearing to Help too...

For the more hardcore shadows that are demonic or scary we recommend you either contact someone who can help you clear the energies in your house or place of the haunting and also prayer for protection/help. It’s always an idea to purge your own negative feelings as well... (demons love dark energy so anything negative can feed them).

You may like to check out Stuart Wilde’s ‘Avalon Protection Prayer’ mp3 that was put together by Richard Tyler, it calls you into a dimension of Gaia and the nature spirits, and it takes you to the lake of Avalon, which is a real place here on earth; the haunting sounds create a celestial canopy of protection for you. If you play it every day as a meditation, the power builds over time.

Check it out at:

We can't recommend Stuart Wildes Protection Prayer Enough... it's brilliant with helping in such situations. Here's a sample on YouTube:


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