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Healing Touch...

Healing Touch is an energy-based therapy that supports the body's natural healing process. At Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Healing Touch practitioners use gentle movements of their hands - either lightly touching the body or several inches above it - to sooth and balance the energy field. Healing touch assists in creating an environment of safety and harmony to soothe and comfort a frightened child. Benefits for children: * Relieves pain * Promotes relaxation * Reduces anxiety and stress * Supports the body's natural healing process * Prepares the child for medical treatments, procedures and surgery * Increases energy * Provides comfort for patients who are dying

Principles The five principles that are the basis of Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch are:

1. Human energy field Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch are based on the belief that that humans and animals possess an energy field that permeates the body and extends beyond it. The energy fields especially emanate from seven areas, called chakras, based on ancient practices from India.

2. Effects of energy field Disease, illness, injury or discomfort show up as changes or differences in the energy field. Eliminating these differences can relieve discomfort and aid in the healing process.

3. Perception People can be trained to perceive the energy field of others and thus determine problem areas in the patient. The intention of the practitioner is important in perception. Often the motion of a pendulum over chakra areas is used to indicate the state of the energy field.

4. Changing field A trained practitioner can manipulate the energy field to relieve discomfort and promote healing. The intention of the practitioner is important in affecting the field.

5. Using hands The practitioner's hands are used to perceive and change the energy fields. A pendulum held in the hand is often used to indicate the state of the energy field at the chakra areas.

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