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Grounding and Protecting Yourself 

Grounding and/or Earthing is all about the consciousness that we are still in a physical body as well as endeavoring to become spiritual workers and beings. 

If you are ever carrying out any kind of activity of a spiritual nature, whether that be meditation, reiki, healing work on others or simply reading cards it is essential to take a few seconds prior to the activity to make sure that you’re psychically grounded and protected and remain that way during, and after the activity. Some people like to call it, putting white light around oneself; others refer to this activity as shielding or putting up the mirrors of protection reflection. 

Here are a few ways in which being grounded can make such a difference to our everyday life: 

  • It can increases balance and stability in our physical and our emotional state.  
  • Brings strength and acceptance.  
  • Grounding also helps to create a bridge between Spirit and matter. 
  • Brings life in to matter and to be able to bring our healing abilities into the physical.   
  • You may gain a stronger connection to the earth plane.  
  • Provides an outlet making the release (of energy) easier.  
  • Allows the attainment of higher Spiritual and energetic levels.  

Grounding is used in many forms but in this event it’s used to describe remaining in the present moment, remaining in the NOW, keeping yourself firmly grounded and your 'feet' on the ground rather than flying off into the Universe somewhere! Afterall it’s very easy to become carried away with the enthusiasm and discoveries, particularly in the early days of psychic or meditative development. So grounding is a useful tool to ensure that things don’t run away with you, and you remain in full control of your gifts/abilities at all times and know how you use them.

The most effective grounding technique is a visualisation technique and usually the
most helpful thing to imagine when you are trying to ground yourself are tree roots! Before you begin any psychic form of activity just take a moment to close your eyes, breathe deeply a few times and imagine these roots go right down into the earth below and let them grow deep and anchor your soles into the earth. This is a very quick and efficient technique to remember. The roots burrow into the ground beneath you. Another way is to visualise a white light bubble around you. This white light will keep you safe from harm during your activities. You are now grounded and psychically protected. 


This visualisation provides you with a strong connection to the earth plane. This keeps you grounded and also ensures that any energies that pass through you are connected and can be released into the earth. 

Here are a few more things you can do to help bring you back down to earth and become more grounded easily.  

Eat more root vegetables, like carrots, potatoes etc., drink plenty of pure clean spring water, walking (especially in natural surroundings like a forest or the beach), doing sports, yoga, or tai chi, gardening and getting your hands into the dirt, hanging out with your companion animals and working with crystals. 

If you are ungrounded you may feel anyone of these
common symptoms...  

Dizziness, Daydreaming, Static shocks, a feeling of being 'Spaced Out', Feeling nausea, Heart palpitations, Eyes flickering, Weight gain, Clumsiness, falling asleep when meditating and even Forgetfulness.  

(*However many of these symptoms can also be linked to other physical conditions/illnesses, so if in doubt always check with your Doctor. Grounding yourself should not be viewed as a substitute to medical intervention/health). 





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