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 "Embracing The Infinite"

Spriritual Health, Psychic Abilities
and the Energy of Thought Explained!

By Jeffery R. Palmer, Ph.D

embracing the infinite book


This new and exciting ebook from thought energy expert Jeffry R. Palmer Ph.D., provides a wealth of information that will clearly show you how to; expand your personal power, harness the energy of thought to fully understand your own spiritual health onto the right track. It's a positive change in your life and will guide you to wonders you never thought possible before.

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It is my view that developing a sense of spirituality is an individual task and that while sharing one’s spiritual views with others is a healthy activity, insisting that others share that view, as so many religious practices do, only leads to an erosion of your spiritual growth.

This is a book about self empowerment. The goal of this book is to offer practical tools to help build your own power as well as help cope with the negativity of others. That negativity can come in many forms and from many sources, it may come from a distance or it may be up close and personal. Whatever the source of the negativity may be, there are certain characteristics of it that can be identified and dealt with. 

The first chapters of this book describe ways to increase your personal power. These chapters discuss the importance of strengthening the spirit, mind, body connection and offer many practical methods of doing so. 

By simply employing these methods and gaining your spiritual strength you will notice the presence of negativity significantly decrease in your life. What once seemed to have such a devastating effect on your life will seem small and
insignificant. This is not to say that you will become oblivious to the reality of
   negativity, in fact, you will become more aware of it, you will see it before it has a chance to do damage and you will have the power to control and eliminate it. Later chapters will discuss the various forms of negative thought energy and how they manifest in varying personality types. This will help you to develop strategies for avoiding further negativity as well as an understanding of the nature of harmful thought patterns in your life.  

I want to stress that the methods for dealing with negativity described in this book are meant to empower you by increasing your spiritual health. It is your personal power that negativity wishes to destroy or control. And ultimately it is your individual power which is the greatest defense against negative influences.





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