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psychic directoryThe Australian Psychic Directory

If you are a psychic or offer related services and would like to be permanently included in the directory there are two options available both are one time payments Payable through PayPal.

psychic directory listing payment

Get Listed in the Australian Psychic Directory Here

Option #1 - Basic Address Listing  - $27.00

*Includes name, address, phone number, email and website name (*email and website are NOT clickable for this basic option).


 Option #2 -  Advanced Website Listing  - $47.00  

*Includes name, address, phone number, email and a clickable website address. (If you'd like your listing to include a clickable website link for your business then please order this advanced option). 


Now offering Directory Listings for the following Countries: Australia, New Zealand & United Kingdom - Please include your location, state, country and business description when purchasing.

Join our Australian Psychic Directory Today!

Find Psychics in Australia Here:


New South Wales

Northern Territory


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Western Australia

Psychics among Us...

Psychics have been with us throughout the ages! Regardless of time, place, and culture, we have always been fascinated and enchanted by those who have special gifts that appear to transcend our ordinary modes of perception. From the classical yogis of ancient India, the aboriginals of Australia, to the urban shaman walking the streets of New York city, psychics do indeed walk among us!

Psychic abilities have been gifted to people upon birth, and also studied and practiced by those wishing to develop these unusual gifts. Government agencies, scientists, spiritual and new age groups have all had their fingers in the pie at some point or another... But, by nature, psychic gifts belong to that ever mysterious realm of great secrets which does not easily succumb to a linear analysis and dissection by the very organ, the brain, which it appears to somehow transcend.

The methods employed to deduce psychic information are varied. Those that use the specific methods outlined in modern Remote Viewing techniques use their own special methods of divination. An obscure tantric yogi in India was said to allow cobras to bite him to obtain his gifts of second sight. In the outback of psychic Australia, the aboriginals have used the didgeridoo as a natural breath work tool that builds the strength of their psychic nervous systems. The great psychic and prophet Nostradamus is said to have gazed into black bowl of water to get his visions of the future.

Of course, those with psychic sensitivity, regardless of whether or not they employ techniques, are often simply born with a special gift. In fact, it is a gift that all of us have to one degree or another. Perhaps it is simply a matter of resting in our truly natural state, not as a being who is other-worldy or somehow 'special', but as one who is resting in the infinite mystery of simply being truly human. Perhaps it is by coming to rest in the realm of consciousness which transcends time, place, custom, and culture that the psychic nervous system of our 'greater body' begins to work its magic of perceiving our environment not from any particular 'angle', but from a place wherein the center is everywhere, and the circumference is nowhere.

Whether you walk the streets of psychic Australia, South America, England or the USA, sensitives and psychics are among us and here to stay.


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