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Psychic Predictions

New Predictions for 2010 - 2012

Predictions have been made by various Prophets, Insiders and Intuitives from all walks of life... here are just a few that have come to our knowledge in the past year (2010-2011). Pay attention to what is happening in the world and you will be-able to clearly see these things play out right in front of your eyes.

  • War movies will be on the increase (as will war in various countries) also riots and upheaval is on the increase.

  • There will be a pace of inflation over a two year period leading up to and into the end of 2012.

  • Gold and Silver will go up consistantly (some forecasters predict Gold up to $5000+ per ounce in the coming years). This will be the only real investment that will be safe. Watch the dollar going down and metals rising.

  • Gun control will be on the increase.

  • Oil between $50-70 per barrel for 2 years.

  • Total collapse of the US dollar by the end on 2012 or close to it.

  • In the coming years nearly everyone will be working for the Government (progressive governmental controls will also be on the rise over the years).

  • The number of Bankruptcies will go up and up. Leaving people devastated and without hope.

  • Bank Takeovers will be on the rise (banks may also restrict how much you can withdraw or even restrict safety deposit boxes).

  • People will be pushed to the edge with inflation and a great depression like none other we've ever seen will come in the years ahead.

  • Humans can’t believe there is a force here now that will do them great harm; they think Jesus will come to raise them up and make them special, but that’s an ego-trip. (~ Stuart Wilde)

  • The fall of Wall Street may happen (Could be a Karmic thing for ripping off the good people).

  • The cruelty to the Planet, her children and the cruelty to animals on the planet is brewing Karmic consequences as we speak.  

  • Discover another 36 Predictions for the World: 2010 - 2012 by



The following predictions were made beginning in 2005 and reach into 2009. The predictions are the result of a form of psychic or intuitive meditation techniques developed by Jeffry R. Palmer in which images, words and thought forms are interpreted and recorded.

New Predictions for 2008 - 2009

A number of bizarre and disturbing crimes will make the headlines in the later part of 2008 and 2009. These crimes will involve children and families. The level of brutality, strangeness, cruelty and disregard for the sanctity of life will be appalling. These crimes will take place in many locations around the world, but Toronto, Florida, Perth, San Diego all come to mind as possible locations for these crimes to take place. A cluster of senseless brutality.

In the first week of October of 2008 there will be an asassination attempt of a Ukrainian political leader.

It is discovered in January of 2009 that a shipwrecked boat containing smuggled imigrants in Alaska is responsible for mysterious body parts washing ashore. This shipwreck may have occured as long ago as 2007. The ship, a fishing vessel may be Chinese in origin.

Food shortages continue, India and China both see rationing of rice and other foods towards the start of 2009.

More earth-like planets are found in 2008 and 2009. Astronomers will reveal that almost every star in the universe is a solar system containing several planets. The number of earth-like planets found will reach the thousands by the end of 2009.

The Obama / McCain presidential race will be a very close one similar to Gore / Bush. Obama will win the presidential election by a narrow margin.

Weather and natural distasters again in 2009 take center stage in world events. A major earthquake in Mexico in 2009 kills thousands. Flooding in China and a major snow storm in the North East US in the winter of 2008.

A power major outage which is not remedied for several weeks in Russia causes loss of life and panic in January of 2009.

There may be military action in Ukraine at the start of February 2009.


Report Prepared : November 2006

I feel that there is a very strong likelihood of Rudolph Giuliani running for and subsequently winning the US presidential election in 2008. Giuliani will begin campaigning in early 2007. Senator John McCain may chosen as Vice President.

The date of December 27th 2007 will prove to be a very important one.
I feel that an event of global proportions will occur on this date. At first I felt that this event will be related to military actions, but I now believe that this date concerns a terrorist attack, possibly in Europe.

A very strong earthquake centered near Los Angeles on March 13th 2007 causes damage to buildings and roads and bridges and some injuries.

An outbreak of a rare virus near or in the city of Boston in May 2007. Many people are hospitalized and quarantined.

An overall increase in violent crimes by 15% 2007-2008 USA

A prison riot in California 35 prisoners killed, 5 guards killed several others injured - August 2007

The price of gold will reach $780 - $800 per ounce by the end of 2007. Other metals such as copper and silver will also see a rapid increase in value in 2007.

There is a strong possibility of the reinstatement of the military draft system in the USA by the middle of November, 2007.

In June of 2007 a serial killer will be discovered in Canada who is responsible for the deaths of several young people from Toronto to Montreal. This killer may be a long distance truck driver or delivery person and may also be responsible fro the deaths of children in Ohio, New York, Vermont and Pennsylvania.

Another strong Earthquake in the ocean off the coast of Japan in April of 2007., may cause a tsunami.

Several globally exported food crops will see a dramatic increase in price after difficult growing season in both India and Brazil in 2007-2008. Included in this dramatic price increase are coffee, tea, saffron, cashews and cocoa.

In December of 2007 information will be released regarding a long standing cover-up by the US government.


Report Prepared : June 2006

North Korea will test a long range missle in July of 2006 against the protests of the international community. This act will prompt naval actions in the Pacific which includes the destruction of North Korean missle launch sites.


Report Prepared : October 2005

Bird Flu - New strain of infection discovered, similar to H5N1 appears more likely to cause human to human infections. Massive bird kills in South East Asia in attempt to contain virus March 2006. New Virus discovered in Toronto birds, middle of 2006.

US military actions continue in the Middle East and expand into Syria. US Military presence in Syria by end of 2006.

Discovery of Earth Like planets. Several planets similar in size to Earth found orbiting distant stars. The discovery of new planets reaches the hundreds if not thousands by the end of 2006

Expansion of military actions In Syria - July 2006

Scientists will discover that commonly used products contain cancer causing elements. Mouth Wash, Tooth Paste, Perfumes, and some Shampoos, for instance will be found to contain carcinogens or in some way combine with other elements to create cancer causing agents. Late 2006

Whistle blower within pharmaceutical industry exposes industry wide practice of marketing drugs which are known to be dangerous and ineffective, a particular drug is spotlighted as being extremely toxic.

Report Prepared : August 2005

The price of oil will reach $70 US per barrel by December 2005

Gasoline will cost $3.00 per gallon in the United States on average.

Extremely cold winter Eastern States record low temperatures - sustained cold spell 2005-2006

An extremely cold winter 2005-2006 will cause fuel and energy prices to rise within the United States into 2006

The price of gold will reach $500 US per ounce by the end of 2005 and almost $700 by the end of 2006

Hurricane causes damage to Florida coast in September. Not as serious for Florida as storms in 2004 - causes much damage elsewhere.

Devastating Weather - August 28, September 14th and September 26th Hurricanes and Tornados Southern US States and Asia Pacific

Tony Blair hospitalized for health concerns -First part of December

Angola Africa - Marburg virus more threatening than previously thought.


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