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The History of Psychic Powers

By Richard Wilkins

There is a long the history of psychic powers. Shamen and medicine men from early human tribes were endowed with them, and cosmic energy was a key ingredient in tribal rituals and other ceremonies. Out-of-body, or clairvoyant, experiences were set in motion to perform many types of divination.

The history of psychic powers is as long as the history of mankind itself. We have always understood that such things existed in the greater world outside ourselves, and taken efforts to harness it for our own purposes. There has always been an interest in why something happened, or what was going to happen next. For that reason, the history of psychic powers has come with us through every stage of our history, largely untapped, but always there.

There are many well-known devices that are thought to promote these talents. The history of psychic powers is dotted with such things as divining rods, and the casting of bones, stones or jewels. Dice and dominoes are both modern day descendants of psychic tools employed by early civilizations in the history of psychic powers.

Many superstitions were based on crude and sometimes incorrect interpretations of events that were psychical in nature. Even the very concepts of luck, whether it be good or bad, are results brought on by the history of psychic powers. In a universe where all things share a common connection to all other things, mental energies are only another way of expressing physical energies and events that are known to exist, yet cannot be accurately measured.

These powers have touched every aspect of our lives, including the invasion of ordinary phrases that are heard every day. A person who "had a hunch", "must've read their mind", or had "a dream that came true" was affected by psychic powers.

At the most basic of levels, psychic energy and cosmic energy equate to the energy of quantum mechanics. Even getting an idea out of the blue is a psychic event, as forces which cannot be completely defined join together in a new way inside your mind. Such so-called random events which produce clear and sometimes revolutionary new events show a rationality that is much too complexly interwoven to be brushed aside as pure coincidence.

Richard Wilkins, co-owner and psychic trainer at the Psychic Academy is a leading researcher in developing psychic powers. To learn more about his research and how to read tarot cards, visit his website today.

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