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Fear and Instincts...

Jeffry R. Palmer

Fear transferred through ancestral knowledge forms the basis of instinct. Predatory animals for instance are imprinted upon the collective memory as creatures to fear; we instinctually know to avoid these creatures without ever having been harmed by one. Fear in its purest form is developed through experience. We learn quickly to fear that which is perceived, whether real or imagined, as a threat to our existence.

The fight or flight response is an instinctual survival mechanism. Intuition is an automatic function of perception. Intuition is the instantaneous and holistic perception of the environment. The five senses collect information, the mechanism of intuition filters all information gathered and zeros in on subtle cues provided by physical awareness.

The process of intuitive thinking takes place beyond the scope of the conscious or sub-conscious. Intuitive filtering occurs in the ancestral brain, the primordial mind. Without the primordial mind filtering subtle cues from extraneous perception mankind would not have lasted long among the wild beasts. Indeed intuition is directly connected to our survival as a species.
Prior to the complex mental development necessary for language, the communication of danger signals would have been performed in large part with hand gestures and short, load verbal exchanges. The primordial mind relied completely on intuition.

Existence at the earliest stages of our development would have consisted of states of alert rest or periods of flight from danger. Intuition would account for all environmental perception. There would have been no objective or subjective analysis of sensory perceptions as exists today. To stop and analyze perceptions would have invited certain death. Perception consisted of “danger – run” or “no danger – continue life”. These two basic states of perception form the base of all intuitive thought processes.

Instincts are a product of both experience and intuition. Whereas intuition is a continual process of environmental information filtering, instincts are the resulting beliefs created by the data processed by intuitive functions. We instinctually know from experience, for instance, to seek shelter during harsh weather.

Experience has taught us basic methods or instincts of survival. Intuition on the other hand may offer information beyond the core instinctual responses. We may be guided to the closest shelter or choose one form of shelter over the other based on knowledge offered by the intuitive senses, for example. Sensations of fear, instinct and intuition blend to create what is widely known as intuitive knowledge or psychic ability.

These three sensations, while related, contribute separately to the whole of psychic or intuitive perception. And while separate, they share a common ancestry; one of a primordial mind existing in state of constant connectedness and reaction to the environmen

Jeffry R. Palmer © 2006

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