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Attraction Spells...

A Simple Attraction Spell

Light an orange candle hold it in your left hand and say the words: "Loud is my wish as the raven's cry send out my magic send it high I ask thee to answer my plee, let me meet the guy for me So mote it be!" Snuff out the candle, do not blow out

Sexual Attraction Spell

To increase sexual attraction, cast this spell when the Moon is waxing.To begin, girdle your thigh with a green garter. Become an Aphrodite(entranced by thoughts of love) as you place this erotic symbol about your limb, and light a pink or green candle in honor of the beauteous goddess, saying: "Venus, Astarte, Inanna, Ishtar, may your power be compounded in this garter I wear." Imagine the ancient impetus to merge and procreate summarized on your thigh, spreading its irresistible aura about your person. Now say: "Let only those I choose perceive this charm." After all, you do not want every Tom, Dick and Harriet harassing you. Concentrate until you feel your allure. Establish your magnetism with a confident smile.

Spell To Attract A Lover

2 Red Candles
A long-stemmed Red Rose
A piece of Parchment Paper, a Quill and some red Ink or a red pen
Some objects, photos and other items that make you think of an ideal partner. These can be of someone you know, someone from history or your own past, a movie idol. These items should not be of one person but from a number of different individuals.

Perform this spell on a Friday night (the night consecrated to Venus, the Goddess of Love) during the New Moon cycle. Light the incense and the candles. Inhale the scent of the rose and think of ideal love entering your life. Stare at the swirling smoke of the incense. Listen to the sounds, be aware of the different sensations of your body...feel relaxation moving through you. When you are ready, look over the items that make you think of that ideal partner.

Think of which aspect of these images attracts you most. Maybe the movie idol represents your physical ideal, perhaps there is a character in a novel or movie whose qualities you admire, or a friend whose courage, honesty, intellectual or physical prowess you would like to see in a potential mate. Be specific about what you want. Meditate on the images of your ideal love and write them down on the parchment paper in red Ink. Now wrap the paper around the rose and bind it with a red cord or ribbon.

Now cradle the parchment wrapped rose in both hands and think about the love of your life entering your sphere and returning your feelings ardently. Gaze at the candle flame and visualize yourself in passionate love and happiness. Now bury the parchment wrapped rose in the Earth so that metaphorically it will grow. Invoke a Love Goddess to bless your spell.


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